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The black line on the chart below shows that silver started to go parabolic until the bullion banks “stunted” the move on the day that the Government released the infamously phony non-farm payroll report.
They did us a favor by slamming silver because parabolic moves are the “death” of a bull market. Many of us in the precious metals community have been conjecturing, based on silver’s particular buoyancy since Halloween, that the bullion banks who are massively short paper silver might have a bigger problem with delivering physical silver right now than they do with gold.
There’s been plenty of “tracks in the snow,” like the huge volume of silver that moves in and out of the Comex silver vaults on a weekly basis, the unanticipated record amount of silver imported by India in 2014 and the stunning withdrawal of roughly 90% of the silver stock on the Shanghai Futures Exchange since 2013.
The black line shows that silver started to go parabolic until the bullion banks “stunted” the move on the day that the Government released the infamously phony non-farm payroll report. This Company started producing silver last year and is free cash flow positive before exploration costs.
This Company has the potential to be a home run in 2015 if my silver forecast is even half-accurate. This entry was posted in Headline News and tagged Dave Kranzler, silver bottom, silver rally.
We are in March 2015 and Silver has been giving since early January, that of course is giving you negative returns. THE ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION PROVIDED ON SILVERDOCTORS IS FOR YOUR EDUCATION AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TRADING PURPOSES. While GOLD is known as the King of monetary metals, SILVER will win the crown as the best performing monetary asset in the future. As the global financial system continues to disintegrate under the weight of massive debt and hyper monetary printing, investors choose to purchase a great deal more silver than gold.  While this trend continued to get stronger over the past several years, it hit a record high ratio in February. Which is why we are seeing record 200 times the Silver Eagle buying compared to Gold Eagles.  While GOLD is known as the King of monetary metals, SILVER will win the crown as the best performing monetary asset in the future. This entry was posted in Headline News and tagged gold eagle sales, silver eagle sales, SRSrocco, US Mint. This person just read my “Emerging Silver Producer” research report but is concerned about the market manipulation of the precious metals.
The key to yesterday’s price action was that silver held above $17 going into the Comex close.  Gold, and especially silver, are behaving differently right now (click to enlarge). This entry was posted in Headline News and tagged Dave Kranzler, gold bottom, gold bull, silver bottom, Silver bull. When everyone holding GLD or SLV realizes that there is scant physical to cover their paper, panic will ensue and the currency required to purchase physical gold or silver will rise dramatically, as will the currency required to purchase anything.
2015 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Silver Bullion CoinOne of our favourite silver bullion coins of 2014, indeed of modern times, the Wedge-Tailed Eagle coin designed by John Mercanti for the Perth Mint had its debut last year. Much has been made in this commentary of the soaring silver open interest, which ought to be unprecedented in commodity market history. The ratio of silver futures open interest to the amount of silver warehoused on the Comex is even more absurdly disproportionate. Anyone who asserts that gold and silver are not manipulated using paper derivatives just based on the market action alone is either completely corrupted – with a motivated financial interest in denying the obvious – or is a total idiot.
Roughly 20 grams of silver (in the form of silver paste) are used in each silicon solar panel.
That growth will continue into 2016, when module shipments are expected to exceed 2015 shipments by 10%. And the amount of silver required this year is 28% higher than 2014, when solar used about 106 million troy ounces. And yet, global mine production of silver was 877 million ounces last year (mine production is roughly 82% of total supply). If it weren’t for ETFs selling silver last year, the market would have been in deficit to the tune of 4.9 million ounces. Doing the math, that’s 167 million troy ounces of silver required to power 65 GW of standard solar panels.

We are rapidly approaching the point where demand for silver from the solar industry is going to overwhelm available supply. Either solar panel production has to grind to a halt - and considering that China has smog thick enough to eat, that seems unlikely - or the price of silver has to move higher. Investment U Disclaimer: Nothing published by Investment U should be considered personalized investment advice. The price of paper silver has been mauled since Janet Yellen and her band of FOMC merry clowns released their policy statement last Wednesday which made the claim that there was strong possibility that the Fed would hike its Fed Funds rate in December. But as you can see, silver is still in an nice uptrend, up over 7% from the bottom it hit in late August.
Part of the reason silver may be getting hit is the news of a report from the investment conference in New Orleans last week that some company had invented an aluminum-based replacement for silver used in solar panels.
Feel free to read the source story here:  Natcore swaps silver for aluminum in solar cells. I remember the year 2011 whcen the German company Schott AG made the announcement that they had developed a solar cell completely void of silver. So my guess is that increasing leverage is a manifestation of self (gold) preservation in the face of geopolitical risks countered by a rising gold and silver price risk.  A balance may be being struck but it could well be on the edge of a knife. In the real physical world of Silver there seems to be a bottle-neck in the supply of coins but in the 1000 oz bullion world there doesn’t seem to be a shortage. Even though 2015 is estimated to be a record year for Official Silver Coin sales, total sales in this market is likely to be much higher. According to the Silver Institute 2015 Interim Report, total Official Silver Coin sales will reach an estimated 130 million oz (Moz), due to massive demand (June-Oct) stemming a Greek Exit contagion and the forecasted market crash in the fall. Official Silver Coins = silver coins (mostly 1 oz) that are produced by Official Mints such as the U.S. Silver Rounds = silver rounds (mostly 1 oz) that are produced by several private mints such as the Sunshine and Highland Mint.
While silver rounds are not Official Coins, they still are highly sought after by investors and are easily purchased and sold back to most local and online dealers. After the release of the Silver Institute 2105 Silver Interim Report, I contacted the GFMS team at Thomson Reuters and asked several questions. You are correct in your observation that privately minted coins are not currently included in our silver coin demand statistics.
To give you a sense of the numbers we are currently working with, we would suggest your 10 mln estimate is conservative for 2015. So, according the GFMS team, they estimate that private silver round demand was 20-40 Moz in 2015. If we assume that private silver rounds were somewhere in the middle of their 20-40 Moz estimate, that would be an additional 30 Moz of physical silver investment demand for 2015. Furthermore, once the GFMS team adds private silver round data to their World Silver Surveys, they will have to go back and update all previous figures for the past decade.
Please note, the GFMS Team was nice enough to share their approximate private silver round data with me, but it is still an estimate as they have not yet acquired enough reliable and accurate data to produce these figures officially.
Now, I am not saying that all the official data is 100% accurate or that some may be over or under reported, but it is a good approximation of what is taking place as it pertains to supply and demand in the silver market. That being said, physical silver investment demand has only one way to go in the future… AND THAT IS MUCH HIGHER. Great information, unfortunately most investors are easily misled by the anti-precious metals crowd with their planted stories and twisted statistics designed to undermine investments in precious metals that expose the fraility of the fiat currency fraud that is rapidly reaching its end game. I consent to receiving promotional email messages from Pinnacle Digest about various investment opportunities and its sponsors and clients. I have argued that they did us a favor by slamming silver because parabolic moves are the “death” of a bull market.

Mint has not released its 2014 Annual Report, but I would imagine total Dollar sales of Silver Eagles was probably higher than Gold Eagles last year.
First released as high-relief silver and gold coins with mintages of 10,000 and 1,000 respectively back in January 2014, they followed up with a standard silver proof and a fantastic five-ounce high relief coin last May.
Sales of silver coins and minted bars at the Perth Mint jumped to 3.35 million ounces in September. To make 1 gigawatt (GW) of solar power, you need 80 metric tons of silver, or 2.57 million troy ounces of silver. Although our employees may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular investment situation. As we can see from the chart below, not only are Official Silver Coin sales for 2015 the highest ever, they are more than three times greater than they were in 2007… the year before the collapse of the U.S. Private silver round sales are not included in the physical silver investment figures due to the lack of available data. These silver rounds have the same quality of silver as most Official Silver Coins, but cannot be called “coins” because they are not legal tender. Thus, total Official Silver Coin and private rounds would equal 160 Moz in 2015, much higher than the 130 Moz figure. I would imagine we will likely see private silver round sales data included in their World Silver Surveys within the next year or so.
I will be putting out an article next week on Gold & Silver Prices To Surge Based On Fundamentals, Not Technical Analysis. THE COMMENTARY ON SILVERDOCTORS REFLECTS THE OPINIONS OF THE DOC AND OTHER CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS. After all silver has been the best performer this year according to some and it hasn’t gone up very much at all.
But almost all of it is used up - by jewelry, investments in coins and bars, silverware, and especially industrial fabrications. No communication by our employees to you should be deemed as personalized investment advice. It has to do with a portion of physical silver investment demand that is not included in the official data. The private silver round figure I received from several dealers was approximately 10-15% of their Official Silver Coin sales. YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE IS RECOMMENDED BEFORE BUYING OR SELLING ANY INVESTMENTS, SECURITIES, OR PRECIOUS METALS.
The silver guru’s can cry out that they have been correct since silver did go up some the past week and they might have considered that the big moon shot! This would indicate that the same would be the case this year, but GovMint do not list a mintage for the 2015 release, so how many an Australian dealer would get is unclear at present. So I do not put to much confidence in any such news in regard to solar technique that silver may replaced by some other metal.
Permitting and filings on the 8,720 acres of claims are reported to be current for the upcoming 2015 mining season.
Any investments recommended by Investment U should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company. I have checked mining company silver production data for the United States and it does correspond with the figures put out by the USGS.

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