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The property you purchase to earn income or appreciate in value, such as corporate stocks and bonds, is treated as investment property by the IRS. Your gross investment income will include any and all profit you earn from your investment property.
The IRS allows you to include in your itemized deductions any expense that solely relates to your investment property holdings, such as investment advisor fees. Once you have your total for investment expenses, the IRS will require you to include it with all other miscellaneous expenses that are subject to the 2% floor.

Your net investment income is equal to your total investment income from step 1 less the investment expenses other than interest, reduced by the 2% limitation in step 3. This includes anything you own that is not part of a business or is personal property, such as your home. Therefore, only the portion of your total miscellaneous expenses that exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income are actually deductible on your Schedule A. If the result is positive, meaning your net investment income is greater than expenses, this is the amount of investment interest expense you can deduct.

As a result, your tax deduction for investment interest expense is limited by the amount of net investment income you report. If your investment interest expense exceeds net investment income, you can carry the excess forward to another tax year when you have sufficient net investment income.

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