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These are the times when finance market is really reshaping itself and, as we know from other industries, the digital revolution is inevitable. In August 2015 Portugal adopted a law for online investing which is described in this article.
The proposed rules for Portuguese online investing are more or less in line with those adopted by neighboring Spain, and for some aspects similar to other cases in the EU. Both the International 50 Index and the UK 50 Index are calculated using a basket of the top 50 companies currently fundraising, the former internationally while the latter restricted to the UK zone only.
It is evident that there is space for more online investing portals operating according to Islamic finance. While much is known on online investing in Western Europe, less information is available on how the sector is developing in the Eastern part of the continent. Close-by Estonia, instead, has no specific regulation for crowdfunding, but the Government has launched, last May, an ambitious e-residency program that could turn useful not only to local online investing platforms, but also to foreign ones. APIs, shared resources, and networked business models are key components of innovations and new development in most industries.
ISAs stand for Individual Savings Account and are a class of retail investment arrangements available to residents of the United Kingdom, subject to a favourable tax status.

Crowd Valley provides a Digital Back Office and public API that powers digital investing and lending applications such as crowd funding, peer to peer investing and lending, real estate and alternative asset marketplaces for financial services professionals.
The Commonwealth and the Government of Malta, together with the Governments of Mauritius, Sri Lanka and India announced today a new trade financing fund to help boost trade and investment flows, particularly for small and developing countries. The action of local regulators is a way to mitigate the risks associated with online investing and also to legitimate the growing sector. In partnership with CNBC, we are proud to announce the launch of four crowdfunding indices: International 50 Index, UK 50 Index, Technology Index, and the International Aggregate Index. Meanwhile, the Technology Index is a daily average of the top 25 technology companies currently fundraising internationally. Digital investing could be an additional way to allow muslim investors around the world to invest in a Shariah compliant way.
This trend is also linked to the fact that the internet and mobile are becoming a fundamental part of all industries and businesses. The main justification was that the equity crowdfunding market tends to cater for riskier businesses and is less likely to provide individuals with regular returns on their investment. Many of these business owners will know the export industry can be a challenging place to enter and manoeuvre through successfully but there are a number of specific grants available to support Australian SMEs looking to do just that.

The indices take transparency in the crowdfunding industry to a new level by aggregating information on the private fundraising sector into usable and easy-to-understand benchmarks. Last, the International Aggregate Index measures components to provide a wider market view.
Although a few platforms, operating according to Islamic finance, have launched, the road to go before digital investing becomes mainstream is still quite long.
We therefore expect to see more digital investing conducted under Islamic finance principles in the next few years. Last but not least, Latvia has not adopted any specific framework for online investing, but local actors have formed a P2P association to make sure possible future policies goes into the desired direction.
Soon they might have an expensive and regulated infrastructure on their hands, but with all new and attractive services flowing to third parties like online investing, lending, and wealth management services, online and mobile payment and money transfer services, and robo-advisor type automated services.
The indices track the pulse of the alternative finance market, providing a real-time indicator of market activity.

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