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An item on the cash flow statement belongs in the investing activities section if it results from any gains (or losses) from investments in financial markets and operating subsidiaries.
Immediately, you can observe that the main investing activities for Texas Roadhouse is capex.
Firms with excess capital or financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies will have buying and selling activity from their investment portfolios that flow through the investing activity portion of the cash flow statement. Analyzing the cash flow statement is extremely valuable because it provides a reconciliation of the beginning and ending cash on the balance sheet.
An investing activity refers to cash spent on investments in capital assets such as plant and equipment, which is collectively referred to as capital expenditure, or capex.

Sometimes it may sell restaurant equipment that is outdated or unused, which then brings in cash instead of being an outflow like other capex. This analysis is difficult for most publicly-traded companies because of the thousands of line items that can go into financial statements. A great guide for capex is how it relates to depreciation and amortization, which can be found in cash flow from operations on the cash flow statement.
When analyzing a company's cash flow statement, it is important to consider each of the various sections that contribute to the overall change in cash position. In many cases, a firm may have negative overall cash flow for a given quarter, but if the company can generate positive cash flow from its business operations, the negative overall cash flow is not necessarily a bad thing.

Overall, capex is an extremely important cash flow item that investors are not going to find in reported company profits. Below we will cover cash flow from investing activities, one of three primary categories in the statement of cash flows.
Yet there is little worry about its financial health because it has minimal long-term debt (other than capital leases) and generated an impressive $146 million in operating cash flow for the year to easily cover capex and $29.4 million in stock buybacks for the year (a cash flow from financing activity).

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