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You might think that investing in the stock market is only for people with a lot of money to spare or someone that has, unusually good luck.
Use a discount brokerage rather than a full service firm for your trading of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and keep more of your money. As you can see, there’s a lot more to stock market investments than having good luck. If you are new to investing or an experienced pro looking for a refresher, there’s plenty of investment advice available for you to absorb.
Instead of spending valuable energy and time studying the day to day market dynamics and hundreds of individual stocks, take your time and broaden your viewpoint. A large part of this answer lies in the realization that stock market conditions are extremely volatile and can surprise you any time.
So you never arrive at the ideal lower level where you can say “yes, now I can invest” and you end up not investing at all.
Thus we see that in both of the above scenarios, the stock market has surprised the investor. From the above discussion we are in a position to derive our investment strategy for investing in the stock market.
First of all, we have found out that there is no ideal time for investment in the stock market.
Secondly, you should avoid the lump-sum investment approach and rather go for a systematic investment approach where you invest only a small portion of your fund at one time in the stocks.
For detailed information regarding systematic investment you can refer our article on “Systematic Investment in the Stock Market”.
But you can avoid landing in such a situation where stock market surprises you and you end up losing your money.
In this blog post we’ll dig through some of the most common source of confusion about investing in stocks in a downtrend.
So let’s start with the most common source of misunderstanding about investing in a downward trending stock.
But the unfortunate truth is that when you’re talking about stocks you need to be thinking about timeframes.
That said, an investing strategy focused on stocks in a downtrend requires a lot of patience.
Hopefully this blog post has cleared up the major reason why there is so much confusing on investing in a downtrend, and if you should throw good money after bad.

This entry was posted in Stock Ideas and tagged downtrend stock investing on April 2, 2014 by Jworthy. Stock Ideas is a personal website intended for educational purposes only. When everyone buys the same stocks, the value will decrease and less people are going to buy it in the future. If you are used to investing in mutual funds, understand that individual stock investing is a greater risk.
Usually it takes a bit of time before a company’s stock really starts to financially gain, but most people give up before the stock can make it to that point.
Making money through stock market investments requires time, forethought and intelligent planning. It seems like everyone who has bought a stock or mutual fund has something to say about investing.
Not only will stock prices likely rise as the value of money continues to inflate, but you’ll be investing instead of gambling. So if one understands in what ways stock market can surprise you would eventually give us a better understanding of the stock market conditions and ultimately increase our overall chances of making profits from our investments. Here we would come up with scenarios which you should avoid while investing in stock markets.
The common investing approach adopted by both of these categories of investors is that they either ends up investing nothing or investing all their money at one go. Here based on the present market condition and your assumption that the stock market would rise considerably in the near future, you end up investing all your money in a lump-sum. By doing this you can avoid making huge losses and in a way regulate your earnings from investments in stocks. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about investing in stocks that are undergoing a downtrend.
And while each investing situation is unique, hopefully you can apply these general ideas to analyze downtrending stocks that you find suitable for investment. When you’re talking about investing in a stock in a downtrend, you need to be very clear about your timeframe. Instead they’re often focused on calculating intrinsic value of a stock and finding bargain-basement kind of deals.
And if you want to use this downward trending investment strategy you had better figure out WHY the stock is in a downtrend.

In short traders will probably want to stay away from downtrending stocks (except for the occasional oversold bounce)…. Just about anybody can learn how to invest in the stock market and day trading software, so that most of their investments make money, instead of losing it. A thorough background investigation will lessen the chances of you falling prey to someone who will defraud you. If you aren’t the type of person who is prepared to take a risk, stick with companies that have a good financial standing, and that have shown excellent stock performance in the past. The reasons may not be clear to you but the stock market can throw up such situations which you have never thought of ever.
But actually the stock market surprises you by dipping on the lower side and depreciates rather than rising. You should start investing and invest for a long term to reap rewards of profits from the stock market. I think this is the number one reason people make mistakes regarding buying stocks in a downtrend. If this is the case for you, then looking for under-valued stocks near 52 week lows can be a great place to start your stock picking research. If you do, and the reason doesn’t scare you, you might have a value investing opportunity on your hands! And I’ll also send you my favourite tips and tools each week to help you conquer your corner of the stock market.
For a complete terms of service please see the privacy policy and terms of use. We use use short paragraphs, symbols, figures and depictions to illustrate the attractiveness of the stock. A regular broker will usually charge a high commission, just to make a simple stock trade on your behalf. Opt for the highest quality companies at what you consider to be a fair price instead of average companies with low stock prices.
You answer to this question will more or less determine if a downtrend investing strategy is for you.

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