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My retirement plan involves collecting an increasing stream of dividend income to help pay for retirement expenses and inflation. Since my last dividend income update IBM increased their dividend 18% and Canadian Western Bank increased their dividend 5% for the second time in the past year.
For the most up to date chart check the dividend income page. To see a list of the companies currently in my portfolio check out my portfolio page. 2) I plan to be in Canada for retirement so it would be nice to have a higher weighting of Canadian stocks, but to properly diversify I have to go out of the country. How to make money as the bank by acquiring an income producing mortgage note secured by quality real estate. How to buy a mortgage note to create a portfolio of tax-free and tax-deferred passive income for life.
Hand-picked real estate investment opportunities.Real estate investing tips, advice, news & articles. Investing in fixed income vehicles is essential for just about every portfolio and a pillar of any financial plan.
Finding the right combination of fixed income investments is just another way we tailor a financial solution specific to your goals. The amount each investor contributes to the fixed income portion of their portfolio is dependent on a variety of factors.
It is also shown from the report that high cost of living and having a breadth of financial priorities are the prevalent factors cited for this difficulty in saving for retirement.
Compared to global investors, Singaporeans place a higher priority on generating income from their savings and investments. Given the decade long hot property market in Singapore, you may think property rental income is the top priority among Singaporeans.

Instead of reinvesting the income received from these investments, more than half of the Singaporean investors take the income to spend on everyday expenses, among others. However, income investing is no longer a new idea, finding good income investment becomes more and more challenging. Look for fund managers who have an experienced team and have made names in multi-asset sector. Look for fund managers who are actively looking for ways to deliver the yield by not increasing the risks investors may face. There are many misconceptions about unit trusts investing, I have written an article to explain how to choose the right unit trusts for yourself. However, for a number of years now, income investors have relied upon a third certainty: utilities.
Unfortunately, the run-up in the market, combined with the perpetual search for yield, has elevated the prices of utilities stocks to the point that they provide a mediocre yield and a substantial chance of capital loss.
Thus, while a few investible companies remain, investors should tread carefully in this once-sought-after income haven. In total, these forces have pushed the premium above the net asset value at which utilities stocks trade. For 27 years, Martin Hutchinson was an international merchant banker in London, New York, and Zagreb. He has more than 10 years of trading experience in relation to stocks and 5 years with stock options, futures, commodities, forex. Trying to find a dividend growth stock with a wide moat in the Healthcare sector in Canada for instance is really hard, so I don’t limit myself to Canadian stocks only. 70% people surveyed are having difficulty staying on top of the bills and saving for retirement.

In particular, this is among the top financial priorities for the affluent Singaporean investors. This has been particularly true during the current bull market, in which utilities have been seen as safe havens for dividend seekers – even though the dividend yields available have steadily decreased and the price risks have risen. He ran derivatives platforms for two European banks before serving as director of a Spanish venture capital company, advisor to the Korean company Sunkyong, and chairman of a U.S.
If the dividend is held steady I’ll usually wait for a year or two to see if the dividend starts to grow again, if not then I might consider selling. Well, we’ve uncovered a way for ordinary Americans to get a piece of Silicon Valley’s “most valuable private company” for just $1.15.
Most of the time in investing its is better to do nothing, so I lean towards the wait and see approach, but it depends on the stock, so ultimately its a case by case decision. My first dividend payment from these companies will come in September as I purchased them too late for the payment in June. As the portfolio grows and I add new positions I expect the dividend income to smooth out from month to month. Some students attend the training for education purposes only, but were also included in the Satisfaction Survey results.

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