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For many treasurers, cash investing is also a relatively new aspect of their responsibilities, having been more used to concentrating on raising cash than investing it for much of their careers.
Below, we explore the seven steps that help treasurers to get the most out of their cash investing activities in today’s environment. One thing that most treasurers would agree on is the fact that the investment process for excess liquidity should focus on principal protection and liquidity, with yield as a tertiary concern, at best.  What is less obvious is exactly how to express these preferences. It is easy to regard cash management as a stand-alone activity but, in almost all cases, viewing it as an integrated part of the broader business will present opportunities for operational optimisations. This is most obvious when considering the question of why to hold cash at all, versus the other potential options (investment, distribution or debt reduction for example), particularly in this yield environment. When investing cash in a low rate environment, cost-reductions and intangible benefits from general operational optimisations can be just as important as any additional yield that might be generated from the investments themselves.

This is no easy task as the cash management space is not particularly transparent but proper investigation is likely to be rewarded with a portfolio that is better suited to the treasurer’s needs. Build a clear picture of your available options and do the necessary comparative analysis to determine which products or instruments are the most appropriate for a company’s liability structure and risk tolerances. Investing excess liquidity, particularly in the current yield environment, may not be sexy or particularly obviously rewarded, but it remains critically important to the fundamental operations of any company.  As such, it should be approached with the same level of dedication and sophistication as any other aspect of the business. Securities portfolios of high quality liquid assets can be useful, both to raise financing through the repo market and to post as collateral for derivative transactions, in many cases offering treasurers greater flexibility (and potentially greater return) than simple deposit holdings. Assuming that there is no such thing as a risk-free instrument, treasurers must consider which of these risks are the most appropriate for them to bear and should then try to eliminate, or at least minimise, all other risks when implementing their chosen strategy. Each product or instrument should be carefully considered to evaluate the risks that it presents and to question whether those risks are appropriately compensated for by the return offered.

Eric Tyson and Robert Griswold present their proven strategies, along with updated tips for easily riding out downturns in the real estate market. From homes and apartment buildings to duplexes, commercial properties, and real estate investment trusts (REITs), you'll master every aspect of investing in and financing properties, and see how to increase their value.

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