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Generally it has been seen that people invest their money for their retirement, to buy a house, to buy a car, or to fulfill their other dreams and aspirations. One aspect is heavily ignored as far as money saving or investment is concerned and that is investing money for your kids.
As a parent, you have a responsibility to see that your children get the best education and best of everything in this world. Having a Savings Account can be seen as a smart strategy as far as investing money for your kids is concerned. A 529 College Savings Account is one of the best ways to invest for your kid’s higher education. Although some may consider stock market as a high risk investment stream, but actually stock market can prove to be an effective medium of investing and saving money for your children if taken about in a sensible way. Mutual Funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are another viable option to consider for investment for your kids.
When you consider the data for the past five years, the value of Gold has risen by almost 115%, and that’s really remarkable when you take into account the returns generated by other streams of investment. As investing for your kids is usually a long term investment, in this perspective investing in Real Estate can be considered as an important and profitable stream of investment. Unlike investment in stocks, investment in Real Estate is largely a safe medium of investment. The biggest roadblock in making this decision is if I should invest more money for my business in this particular area. Being a business owners is a fine balance between believing in something when others don’t, sticking with your goals and at the same time not ending up bankrupt.
I don’t actually want you to go get an outside opinion, all though that can be good, instead I want you to look at the invest as if it was not your business.

Spending money too many times without making sure it pays-off will make your business go broke! Try and brainstorm at least 10 other options for accomplishing the same thing without spending money. This is where you need to trust the entrepreneur in you.  Sometimes after analyzing and looking at all the options, your gut just has to say go for it. These questions should help you figure out if investing more money into your business is the right thing to do!
I was in need of some expert business advice to help market my invention.   Developing a marketing plan for a new product can be a very daunting process for someone with no experience in marketing or business planning. Andrea fully understood my goals and was able to help me develop a plan that did not require a large capital outlay, giving me maximum return on minimum investment. After all, you want to make sure that you have the required amount of funds with you so that you can adequately finance your kids’ requirements, aspirations and dreams.
Here, one thing you should take into consideration and that is investment in the stock market should be done from a long term perspective.
Although investing in Real Estate does not offer regular interests or dividends, the prices of your real estate get appreciated on a year to year basis and so you eventually get higher value or price when you finally sell the property. I put a hold on all investments for a small period in my business and I am just gearing up to make some decisions in the new year, so your timing for this is perfect. Although you may argue that savings account offer relatively low interest rates when compared to other investment instruments such as a mutual fund or stocks; however they have many other advantages that are equally important. When compared to investment in stocks, Mutual Funds have relatively low risk of investment. So if you are not satisfied with the interest rates of your saving account and are not willing to take the risks of investing in stocks, then gold comes out as a viable choice of investment for your kids.

So, for example, if you had purchased a property $50000, after twenty years, its value sees a marked increase and its value appreciates to $400000 and thus you get a good return on your invested sum. You should choose an investment option according to your risk bearing capacity, the amount of money you want to invest, and the amount of return you foresee from that investment stream.
Just your first question alone helped me readdress some of my own issues with the next investment in my business. You can build a good amount of fund value on a long term basis if you happen to deposit money in it on a regular basis. They are managed by professionally qualified Fund Managers and, so you need not be an expert in financial matters and need not devote much of your time. To know more about investing in gold, you can refer one of our earlier articles titled, “The Golden Route to Investment”. However the key for investing for your kids remain that you have stay invested for a long term. They offer you flexibility in investment, in the sense that you can make one time investment, as well as can opt for regular investments in the form of SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans). You should make a thorough analysis of the stocks before making investments in them and should invest in such stocks, which have a track record of high returns. So if your first child does not need the funds, you can simply change the name of the beneficiary.

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