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In recent months, there’s been a lot of debate as to whether to invest in Stocks or buy Real Estate as a safe hedge against inflation and to build wealth. We have all heard of the many riches that both Real Estate ownership and the Stock market can bring, but unfortunately we also have heard of the horror stories from both types of investments that had terribly gone bad.
We know that Real Estate owners are not shielded from such peaks and valleys, exemplified by the boom of the late 1980’s and the subsequent recession in the early 1990’s. One of the greatest benefits to Real Estate investing is that it’s probably one of the more accessible ways to invest using borrowed money. When buying Real Estate, the best way investors can avoid risk is to focus on cash-flow positive properties.
The following are some of the many advantages in a long-term real estate investment plan which will build your retirement nest egg. Given the current predictions of a drop in property prices, and the unpredictable Stock market, I still maintain Real Estate will continue to be the better choice.

As you are probably aware, the stock market can fluctuate dramatically and you have little control on what happens to your investment.
However, it is important to note that the swings in Real Estate are more predictable and not as severe. So often I hear people say they don’t like borrowing because they believe that being in debt depletes their personal net worth.
That means the rental income covers all your expenses, including the mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs and a contingency fund; and have extra cash at the end of the month. To prove that Real Estate will still be a smart investment decision, let’s examine the potential of both.
That way your property will be making money for you whether real estate prices go up or down-so hopefully, you’ll never be forced to sell in a down market. Make no mistake, we have witnessed overnight swings that had made people rich in the Stock market; however we have also seen in other cases sending investors to bankruptcy.

In addition Real Estate investment is unique from the Stock market because real wealth is achieved by using leverage.
That is tax a free gain as a residential home, or a capital gain as an investment property. Asset-backed debt-loans secured by a potentially appreciating asset, such as real property, can be a great way to use leverage to increase a person’s net worth. An experienced investor is able to buy on short term and by flipping properties will earn good profits as well.

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