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I always recommend investing only in silver bullion in either coin or bar format with triple nine finest or better.
The moment you bought your silver, capsuled them, tubed them, plastic-sealed them and store them in a dry place. Last Saturday, 23rd February, marked another milestone in Rolling Silver’s achievements.
Here is recent an interview with our business partner, Scottsdale Mint President, Mr Josh Phair on the recent Silver price movement.

We have close relationship with Josh Phair himself and is constantly supplying Malaysian with Scottsdale Silver product. Each American Eagles value pack comes with 3 American Eagles 1oz silver bullion coin with 3 holders of preferences (cost varies for each holder) plus a complimentary gift casing. Compare that to jewelry grade silver, the silver sterling at 92.5% finest, investment grade silver is a pain to maintain their shines. You are advised to make your independent investigations as may be necessary or appropriate for the purpose of such assessment including the investment risks involved.

Every Maple Leaf value pack comes with 5 Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz silver bullion coin with 5 holders of preferences (cost varies for each holder).

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