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Investor is a perk that becomes available when the Dragonborn reaches 70 in the Speech skill.
As a general rule, each shop can only be invested in once, though there are some exceptions (read below).
Ghorza gra-Bagol (Blacksmith in Markarth) will agree to allow the Dragonborn to invest, but then the dialog for them to do so may only show the back-out option.

This can be done by getting the investor perk, investing in every available merchant, increase speech skill to 100 and converting the speech skill to Legendary. Despite returning all perk points, the investments remain and merchants will have more money available. After investing in his wife Adrianne Avenicci outside, he will no longer take multiple investments. The effect is that the shops in which the Dragonborn has invested will have 500 more with which to barter.

Since this technique does not increase a merchant's available funds, inventory items that are, by themselves, more expensive than a merchant's total funds will still not be able to be sold.

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