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Meanwhile, a Hawaiian restaurateur has been sentenced to six months in prison for laundering the proceeds of an illegal sports betting operation through his eating establishments. A mix of tribal representatives and legal eagles discusses online gambling at a hearing of the Senate Committee for Indian Affairs. The US Supreme Court has announced it won't hear New Jersey's appeal of lower court decisions blocking the state's sports betting plans.
New York art dealer Hillel Nahmad pleads guilty for his role in Taiwanchik-Trincher sports betting ring, forfeits $6.4m.

A former Oklahoma City police officer who placed online bets on sporting events in Cleveland and Seminole counties has reached a plea agreement and been sentenced. Under a plea agreement, he received a five-year deferred sentence and must pay court costs.
The senior Trincher was sentenced to five years last month, while Eugene pled guilty in November and will be sentenced on June 9. Unlike co-defendant Anatoly Golubchik, whose lawyer protested the “ridiculous” five-year sentence handed down by Judge Jesse M.

Furman last month, Trincher’s attorney told Furman his client was “very gratified with the fairness” of his sentence.

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