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If you're interested in investing but don't want to go at it alone, you can join an investment club or even start one of your own. Writing out how will the club manage payouts, divestiture (reducing assets or investments) or dissolution.
Laying out the policies on gaining new members and figuring out what happens when a member wants to leave the club. Review club finances (overall gains or losses, individual investment progress and cash balance available for investment). Make sure that everyone understands that they might not make money and could actually lose money. Have another get-together with the people who are still interested to discuss and implement the club's policy and organization. In order to pool your money and invest together, you will need to incorporate your investment club into what is known as a general partnership.

Most clubs start with both a checking and a brokerage account.[10] Choose a broker who suits your needs (full-service, discount, or online). In most cases, investment clubs are formed by people who are still learning about investing. After a period of time, when contributions to the club have been made by group members, you're ready to start looking at first investments. The goal is to have each member take a industry and report to group why they think it is a great investment. Have each club member research potential asset purchases like stocks, mutual funds, or investment properties and defend their choices with research. As your club continues operations, evaluate new and old investments during your regular meetings. When you have fewer people you might have trouble getting enough funds together to invest (some investments favor the larger investor).

Then, you can have the group vote on their favorite choices and determine how much money to allocate to each.
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Many times they will pool their money together in order to make joint investment decisions.
However, with a large group, maintaining high-quality discussions and finding a place to meet both become concerns.
Choose the topics you feel should be addressed as a group.[12] Make a "syllabus" and decide who will be doing the research and presenting the topic to the group.

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