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India on average produces over one million tonnes of guar beans annually, the biggest crop in the world.
US energy firms will need nearly 300,000 tonnes of guar gum this year, energy investment banking firm Simmons & Company International said in a report. The US produces guar, but only on 16,200 hectares, an area that pales in comparison with the more than four million hectares on which Indian farmers are expected to plant this year in the Thar Desert. However, guar producers expect prices to ease by next year as the new crop comes to market and supplies increase from all the extra fields planted.

In the United States, the multibillion- dollar shale energy industry is banking on their success. And the boom in their business has created a bonanza for thousands of small-scale farmers in India, who produce 80 per cent of the world’s beans.
To cash in on the guar rush, Vikas WSP, India’s largest producer of guar gum, is distributing free of charge seeds worth more than 900 million rupees to 100,000 farmers and giving them guaranteed returns, said its chairman and managing director B. Furthermore, the robust demand from the US shale oil and gas industry shows no sign of abating.

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