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DK: They probably do have emotions in their lives – I don’t see how they couldn’t – but they split it off and deal with “official “ issues of art. DT: In the Leni Riefenstahl film Triumph of the Will it is interesting how rigidly the soldiers march in tight box formations.
DT: Getting back to the issue of exclusion and censorship I remember once you talked about – and I think it’s absolutely true – in the late 80’s how women were starting to enter the art world more and more but their work was very novelty oriented in the neo-conceptual art mode.
DT: When I was a student here in New York at School of Visual Arts from 1987 – 1989, one thing that confused me tremendously was how trends occurred in the art world.

DT:  And also about how the Christian religion downgraded the body and split the body from the spirit, demonizing Eros. DK:  Look at how thick it is with advertisements filled with current art images with nice color and all that – so there’s marketing. DK:  All I can say is I know and respect those who know the money side and they say the whole thing is a Ponzi scheme. DK:  So you can look, let’s say, at our Hoover vacuum cleaner man and you can analyze that – you can do a very interesting interpretation of what that’s all about.

DT:  It is remarkable to see that you can occupy different dimensions of space within writing. He fled France because of the invading German army during World War II.  He had been producing pamphlets in his print shop on how to blow up German tanks.

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