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The 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs begin today and as we do every year, the Hockey Fanatic is pleased to make our predictions for which team will win the Stanley Cup.
That is to say, the Chicago Blackhawks will pick up points in at least 39 games this season, if not more.
Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and New York all have the same coaching staffs they’ve had for consecutive years and with a season as compact as this you can expect the message to be simple and consistent.
A lot of people forget that before the Kings turned into the world-beaters of the 2011-12 playoffs, they finished the regular season eighth in the Western Conference, almost dead last in team goals-per-game. Granted, this year has been great in terms of rookie players but come season’s end the Rookie of the Year award will, without doubt, go to Justin Schultz of the Edmonton Oilers.
As a Green Bay fan (and resident), I was fortunate to watch Woodson play in my back yard for 7 seasons, 7 incredible seasons that cemented his certain induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. The study found that the new rules limiting full-contact practices cut in half the number of concussions as compared to the two previous seasons.

If there is one thing that is guaranteed in the game of hockey, it is the unpredictability that the game offers. Prediction: The Sabres will finish last (not surprising), but will NOT get the first pick of the McDavid draft. Unfortunately lost to many East Coast hockey fans who don’t watch much of the Calgary Flames, Mark Giordano has quietly become one of the better defenseman in the NHL. The reason I make this pick, though, isn’t because I’m hot for NHL history, it’s because in a shortened season players who know their roles, and teams who have an established identity will hold a distinct advantage when all the chips are down. The idea follows that teams who recently took part in a Cup Final will inevitably struggle the next year simply because the NHL schedule is too long and grinding for players to adequately rest and reset their batteries for another full season. Yes, the NHL schedule (regular season and playoffs) is brutal for the players but what we are actually seeing when Carolina fails to make the playoffs the year after they win the cup is evidence that the number of teams realistically battling for the Stanley Cup is much larger now than it ever was in the 80s or in the pre-expansion dynasty-heavy era of hockey. Kill has coached at the college level for 21 seasons and in his time with the Golden Gophers sent six players to the NFL.

Nevertheless, I predict that, with 26 games remaining, the Chicago Blackhawks will lose no more than 10 games in regulation this season. Quick thinking and action saved his life, but his season is over as he works on his recovery. However, my faith in modern medicine and his hockey abilities make me believe that he will return to the ice, play, and win the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy for the 2013-2014 NHL season. Playing without Zach Redmond and Anthony Peluso for the time being (the rest of the season in Redmond’s case) will be difficult to overcome, but if the team’s scorers can continue to put up points (Looking at you Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler and Evander Kane), I see the Jets rising to the top of a very weak division and making a playoff run. The Masterton Memorial Trophy is given annually to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey.

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