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Whatever the method, in a healthy real estate market these types of transactions can broaden investment opportunities for those investors—particularly activist investors—seeking yields that are backed by hard assets.
But given the resurgent real estate market, the investment opportunities for those seeking decent yields and the need to unlock underperforming assets, real estate monetization transactions—including REIT spin-offs—should be with us for some time to come.
Andrew Milligan, Head of Global Strategy, introduces the October edition of Global Outlook and highlights key articles for consideration in the context of current global market conditions, including insight around global trends, European banking, Chinese currency and The Slavery Act. Anne Breen, Head of Real Estate Research at Standard life Investments introduces the new Global Real Estate Implementation Risk tool.
Andy Dickson, Investment Director, discusses the changes impacting DC investment solutions. Andrew Milligan, Head of Global Strategy, reviews the July edition of Global Outlook and highlights key articles for consideration in the context of current global market conditions. Head of Global High Yield, Erlend Lochen describes Standard Life Investments' process and approach to investing in high yield bonds.

Kieran Curtis, Investment Director for Emerging Market Bonds describes Standard Life Investments' approach to the asset class and highlights the range of strategies available to investors.
Investment Directors Alex Gitnik and Yassar Ali discuss the challenges currently faced by fixed income investors and provide an overview of the range of strategies run by Standard Life investments.
Head of Global Credit, Craig MacDonald and Head of Sterling Investment Grade Credit, Daniel McKernan discuss the credit strategies run by Standard Life Investments and their relevance in the current market environment.
Investment Directors Roger Sadewsky and Sebastian MacKay discuss Standard Life Investments' Absolute Return Global Bond portfolio.
Investment Directors Mark Munro and Owen McCrossan discuss Standard Life Investments’ Total Return Credit strategy. Investment InsightOur series of Investment Insight papers deliver analysis of key investment themes. Standard Life Investments Limited is registered in Scotland (SC123321) at 1 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2LL.

Standard Life Investments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Those parents, in turn, are now freed from the capital intensity of real estate, and can offer higher equity returns by investing in higher ROI-yielding activities. They provide a high level overview of the Fed interest rate decision and its impact, the outlook for corporate profits and how Standard Life Investments’ portfolios are positioned for these conditions. And CoStar Group indicates that 2015 is poised to be one of the most active years in REIT IPOs, with more than 30 companies weighing potential REIT conversions or offerings.
Meanwhile, in certain structures, investors get to choose their investment vehicle depending on their perceived appetite for risk—real estate stock for its steady dividends, or operating company stock for perceived growth opportunities.

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