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On the 27th, the Committee also began considering the Financial Stability Improvement Act, their version of an administration proposal to require financial firms, including hedge funds, with more than $10 billion in assets to cover the cost if the government takes over financial institutions whose failure could pose a systemic risk.
All three of these developments and their potential impacts on the hedge fund industry will be discussed in greater detail in upcoming posts in our InDepth Section.
Similarly, the gap created by the combination of exemptions from registration under the 33 Act, the 34 Act, the Advisers Act, the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA), and the 40 Act created a opportunity rich vacant-niche that played a key role in the development of hedge funds. Without exemptions, a hedge fund and its adviser would be required to register under four or five statutes, depending on whether it invested in commodities. As companies primarily engaged in the business of investing the pooled assets of investors in securities, hedge funds are investment companies as defined in the 40 Act and as such would be required to register under that Act, and as Commodity Pool Operators (CPOs) under the CEA if they trade instruments regulated by the CFTC. A simplified view of the general structure typically used to issue and manage hedge funds, and the corresponding exemptions from SEC registrations, is shown in the diagram below and in greater detail in the table at the end of this article.

The relevant exemptions under the five Acts, and their application to hedge funds, are analyzed below. Although the topics actually discussed last week were more relevant to retail investors, the topics listed and Committee makeup indicate that future discussions are likely to be of interest to hedge funds. On Wednesday July 15, the Administration released its widely-expected proposal to require most hedge fund advisers, and most other managers of pools of private equity, to register under the Advisers Act.
The proposal would immediately eliminate the exemption from Advisers Act registration for most hedge fund advisers to the extent of requiring them to register for purposes of imposing record keeping and reporting requirements. Like the Commission’s overturned 2004 regulations that required hedge fund advisers to register, the proposed statutory language addresses advisers to ‘private funds’, where a private fund is defined as an investment fund that would be subject to the 40 Act but for the provisions of 3(c)(1) or 3(c)(7), which of course are the provisions relied on by funds exempt from registration under that Act. Under the proposal, the SEC is authorized to require advisers to private funds to keep records of AUM, use of leverage, counterparty credit exposure, trading and investment positions, and trading practices – along with any other information the Commission determines to be necessary.

3818, the Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act, which requires advisors to private pools of capital to register with the SEC, and subjects them to new record-keeping and disclosure requirements.
This article will analyze the substance of those exemptions, the application of each to hedge funds, and the ways in which they have determined some of the more distinctive structures and practices adopted as standard practice by the industry. And finally, the management company directing investment of the funds is a business compensated for advising others concerning investments in securities, making it an investment adviser under the Advisers Act, and potentially a commodity trading adviser (CTA) under the CEA, each of which would require registration under the respective Act. According to Bloomberg News, the FSA is meeting with market participants including hedge funds, banks, investment banks, and investment managers to assess the overall impact of high-speed trading in the UK.

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