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Hey, I'm feeling generous, I'll also send you free greyhound betting tips as a thank you for joining my newsletter! Start with as little as £10, Use your winnings to build on your profits with our easy-to-use automated betting calculator. We promise we will refund every penny of your money back to your account if you're not completely delighted with your new betting system and automated tools.
If your sitting in front of your PC right now wondering why you're still not making any consistent money from your betting. Or even if you're brand new to betting but getting wise to the scams and want a REAL solution.
Maybe you should start by following REAL betting systems, tested and proven to be profitable by REAL people, people proven to get REAL results for their clients.
And if I were you, I would follow people who actually make a profit from their betting instead from just selling you useless rehased systems they have never even tried, let alone made any profit from. If you like the way you're being treated, and your happy with the money your making from your betting stop reading this right now and jump back on the betting system merry-go-round.
But the fact is if you are to have any chance of finding a system that works for you, and makes you the profits you need and deserve from your betting - You've Got. And as you wade your way through the bullsh*t of all the 100s of brand new betting systems and services to come out in 2012, you will find that we are still two of the only people online developing high end betting systems. A REAL Betting Guru will leave a trace on google, posers hinding behindpen names and fake screenshots may not. Feel free to check out Phil's other site Football Betting Master you may already know Phil, as he has been providing quality betting services since 2007.
You are NOT dealing with a poser, you are dealing with a real person, who has a real business selling betting solutions, with real customer service, a business which is ACCOUNTABLE under UK law and most uphold your statutory rights if you're not 100% delighted with this site.

And REAL betting systems give you a chance to make REAL money, money that can be used to REALLY make things happen in peoples lives.. I really hope you see now that you don't need to give up on your dream of making money from your betting, even if it's just a hobbie.
The worst thing that you could do is convince yourself that just because the scamsters and posers dont have a working betting solution for you, nobody does.
You see me and Phil are living proof that real high end betting systems are out there and not only that, they have become so advanced that they are completely idiot-proof to set up and profit from now. A proven powerful, automated way of crunching greyhound racing data and a simple way of betting that spits out very regular profits right into any betting account. A proven system that could get any betting account balance out of the negative and into the positive in a matter of days or EVEN hours. Taking an exotic holiday, buying your dream car or that dream apartment needn't be so hard once you have your betting in order. I'm just your regular punter I guess, well I've been betting for a few years now, and although I don't have any sites (Apart from being involved in this one of course). What we needed to do was run multiple variations of the system on huge amounts of results - I'm talking 70,000+ greyhound races, nothing like this had ever been done before. We wanted this to ALWAYS work - Not just today, Not just tomorrow, but for this to be the ultimate betting system it would need it to be fully up to date at ALL times AND always take into account current, past AND future racing trends.
Im talking about a system that can get REAL spendable betting profits into any betting account in 5 - 60 minutes! A system so simple ANYONE could get their first betting profit in virtually any account, anywhere in the world.
In my test, which you have seen full video evidence of - I more than quadrupled a betting bank in just 25 days.

In fact, Id be amazed if you didnt have real spendable profit in your betting account within minutes from now. Listen guys, I don't know how else to put this, If I was on a desert island and I'd forgotten everything I knew about numbers and making a profit from betting, I could pick this up and in no time at all be withdrawing Tax - Free winnings. Well firstly, you need to realise that your career as a professional gambler can start today. Until your automated system is flooding your betting account with more money than you know what to do with, until you are completely debt free, until you replace the 9-5 with tax free profits from your betting and we are passionate about this, we are not going anywhere until you have reached that point. So as you hit the order button let's just remind you the ability to finally make your first real proifits from your betting, and all the thrills that come with it maybe just be waiting for you on the inside.
Our dedicated team of analysts, who all live, eat and breathe greyhound racing produce outstanding results week in week out. Log into your betting account and check out 2 easy-to-find results (Takes about 10 seconds). You may have seen me hanging about some of the betting forums, testing systems and showing the real results for everyone to see, or calling out the posers so people wise up to some of the terrible scams in the betting system industry.
You Don't have to worry about the hassle of opening and managing multiple betting accounts.
You Don't have to worry about being mislead or thinking this is a scam - Every word on this website is the truth, being a legitimate UK business selling high end betting solutions means we have to adhere to strict international laws of conduct, we have to tell you The Truth, and I AM - You know that by now anyway.

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