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Perhaps you are looking for a good investment opportunity this year and you are wondering where to put your hard-earned money so it can be more profitable. Investing in Philippine stocks is my number one pick for the good investment for this year 2015. Nowadays, more and more seminars and trainings are being launched for people who wants to learn about investing in stocks. There are even free tutorials that you can sign up with the biggest online stock brokers like COL Financial and BPI Trade so you can start an actual trading of stocks.
In terms of financial return of investing in stock, to give you an idea, last year, when you invested in all of the stocks in PSEi, the return is about more than 20%.
If you have extra money to spare, you may also attend seminars and trainings conducted by stock market gurus from the Philippines.

Exchange-traded fund or simply ETF for short is a type of investment being traded in the stock market. It is a good strategy to have a maintenance guys that you can trusted so whenever there’s repair needed you can call them easily. One good investment that you can consider this year is life insurance if you still don’t have.
A good investment is the one that you can easily start with and you have the capacity and knowledge to start on.
If you are looking for the good investments for 2015, here are some of the choices you might consider. Compare it with the very low interest rate from savings account, stock is really s good pick for a good investment in 2015.

So in essence, if you have a stock account, you can invest in ETF much the same as investing in stocks.
It is not a stock itself but the fund invest in several stocks.  To learn more about ETF, you can read my previous post about it by clicking this link.
For example, FMETF, the first ETF in the Philippines, invests in stocks comprising the Philippine Stock Exchange Index or the PSEi.

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