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Soccer games refer to the European type of football, officially known as association football. In order to play soccer games you need two teams, each consisting of eleven active players, not counting reserves, coaches and so on. Even though we said soccer games do not allow the use of hands but only feet in order to move and kick the ball, some players sometimes use other parts of their bodies to stop or handle the ball, such as other parts of their legs, their torso and sometimes, their heads. If the game is still a tie after this, it can be prolonged with another two rounds of 15 minutes each, of normal game, in which the two teams try to settle the score. Subscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources straight to your inbox.

A pretty realistic top view soccer game with two teams, 11 players in each team and even with a referee! Select your opponent soccer players, the computer or another human, then choose your nationality and click OK. A game of football is usually divided into two rounds, two innings, each 45 minutes long with a 15-minute break in between.
Soccer or association football has been played in the modern version we all know from the nineteenth century in England, but similar ball sports have been played for centuries, maybe as early as the Roman Empire or Ancient China. Speaking of amateur sports, soccer games are among the most preferred games by regular people and, reportedly, these people are 250 million in number.

The team who manages to gather the most points is the winner; in case there’s a more important competition, for a title or a cup, the game needs to go in favor of one of the teams, so players are given the opportunity to shoot for the gate from a distance of eleven meters. If you like to watch a soccer match online instead of playing yourself, let the computer play both soccer teams.
Soccer games are played with legs and feet and the only ones allowed to touch the ball are the goalkeepers; they can pick it up and throw it on the other side of the field and they can touch it in order to prevent it from entering the gate.

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