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PayPal, the largest online cash transaction company on the planet, may extend services to regulated US gaming sites. If PayPal began accepting payments, it would affect players on regulated casino and poker sites in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.
The movement of some of the larger states might have a role in PayPal’s decision making. According to Steve Ruddock of NJ Poker Online, a PayPal-friedly gaming industry would draw in more customers. For PayPal to be a payment option in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, the company would have to be licensed to do so by the gaming regulators in those states. PayPal already authorizes payments in select foreign jurisdictions, but previously has viewed American gaming transfers to be dangerous legal ground. When a company is being trusted with bank account and credit card account information, many average consumers are going to avoid anything but the companies they know the most. The current rumors say PayPal is expected to okay US online gambling payments in the next few months.

Many residents might want to gamble, but don’t exactly trust a gambling-only payment processor like Neteller. Over time, enough people had such accounts that most other US-friendly vendors prefer to use PayPal–though there are some holdouts (like Amazon). Ruddock says the lack of PayPal payments leads to a significant number of abandoned applications, as people learn they can’t use their standard payment method to gamble.
The possible inclusion of PokerStars to the New Jersey market might be one more incentive for eBay’s semi-official payment processor to get involved in gambling. That should not be a problem in any of those jurisdictions, but one never knows when dealing with officials.
If PayPal joins in the American online gambling industry, it’s a good sign for the future for the US industry. With that in mind, PayPal would be a gateway brand for many New Jersey and Nevada citizens who wouldn’t use a trusted brand like Skrill or Neteller.
While Neteller and Skrill are institutions in the gambling industry, average consumers might not know their names.

If PayPal got into any of these markets, it simply has a wider profile than those companies.
Anyone who has ever bought and sold on eBay knows that it is much simpler to use PayPal than any other payment service on the website. PayPal is the top US payment processor, though, and it represents a big opportunity for the various gambling jurisdiction.
Some gamblers don’t like associating their credit card with gaming, citing privacy concerns or fear of identity theft. Under those circumstances, if such people can use their PayPal account to fund their gaming hobby, they might sign up for an account and play for the first time.

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