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However, recently I’ve not really been betting much due to other commitments, life sometimes gets in the way I guess.
So I may as well start at the very beginning and tell you how I got indoctrinated with the betting bug. I started a blog with a fellow tipster which had excellent results and we bounced things off each other which again helped me to continue to improve my betting.
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About My TipstersMy Tipsters is a new social network for those who enjoy betting on sports. On the whole, it has done me proud and dictated my career really, having worked for Ladbrokes, the Racing Post and then my own betting sites.
The blog finished with a winner and Jm is now a pro tipster sharing his picks and we still talk horses. I’ve also kept precise records of all my betting activity for the last ten years and I can at least boast an overall profit in that time, albeit a modest one.

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