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Jason Sharpe has been excellent for his expert football picks at Doc’s Sports, as he has not had a losing week thus far stretching back to NFL Preseason. Go inside to find out what those college football picks are, and also why he opted for them. Of the total of 40 which have been scheduled, 20 have been played, we have the best college football picks here. There are four bowl games on Tuesday, December 29, and here are college football picks for all of them.

The transfer relieved Colby Cameron last week against Southern Miss; Cameron got the hook after just four plays, the last of which was a pick. He also threw a crucial interception in Southern Miss territory with less than three minutes left, one of two fourth-quarter picks. But if there’s a sure thing in college football this week it is Hawaii giving only eight points. He has become known by those bookies for his college football and NFL handicapping capabilities, and he has an NFL Game of the Month on board this weekend.

He expects to beat the majority of NFL point spreads and college football odds this season and he plans on dominating the college football betting landscape as well! Call us toll-free at 1-866-238-6696 to find out about a free one-week football package from Sharpe or any Advisory Board handicapper of your choice (new clients only).

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