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Fox Sports will likely use the money reserved for a potential regional sports network deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers (who have since agreed to a deal with Time Warner Cable) and beef up the resources for their new Fox Sports 1 and 2 networks, which will launch in August.
The main focus of the presentation will be the soon-to-be-launched Fox Sports 1 network, as well as a companion Fox Sports 2 channel and the nearly two dozen regional sports networks in their empire. Of course, with live sports programming serving as the backbone of these channels, this was a foregone conclusion.
We know Fox has already locked up programming deals that would bring MLB and college sports broadcasts to Fox Sports 1.
But the smart money is on the Thursday night package going to Fox Sports when all is said and done. Like Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network before them, Fox Sports 1 and 2 likely will not turn profits immediately upon their launch. It’ll take a lot more than Regis Philbin and Reggie Wayne, but Fox is in this fight for the long haul.

But with Fox Sports 2 also being involved in this event, scheduled to take place next month in New York City, it likely signals that both national networks will launch simultaneously. Fox will be asking for a 400% rate increase for Fox Sports 1 alone, with the going rate for Fox Sports 2 all but expected to rise, especially as it’s available in more households. While Fox Broadcasting is about to embark on their twentieth season (and counting) of the NFL, the Thursday night game package, which was expanded from eight games per year on NFL Network to thirteen just last year, is also up for grabs. An esitmated per-household rate of 90 cents for Fox Sports 1 (that’s only expected to grow over the years) will soften the blow somewhat.
The official start date has not yet been confirmed, but I’m speculating August 1 due to it being a Friday and, by the way, the name of the network is Fox Sports 1.
The Fuel network, available in 37 million households, would be sacrificed for Fox Sports 2. CBS and NBC might have a reasonable chance to secure that package for their own cable sports networks.

But it’ll only be worth the asking price if the programming on Fox Sports 1 is just as good. Of course, we now have Fox Sports 2 expected to launch at the same time, and both networks planning to hit the ground running with live sports programming starting in August.
And while TNT is currently tied up with the NBA on Thursday nights, I’m sure Turner Sports would love to get back into the NFL broadcasting loop once again.

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