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In order to make Yankee Stadium more suitable for MLS use, NYCFC expects to reduce capacity from 49,642 to 33,444. Those machinations will allow NYCFC to play its home matches at Yankee Stadium next season, but they also raise the question about when the club will move to its own venue.
Despite the uncertainty, Pernetti denied a New York Times report from last week stating NYCFC will play its first three seasons at Yankee Stadium in order to provide more time to devise a permanent solution.
Anyone who has watched the Yankees the past 15 seasons recalls Posada playing through pain, knows that he is not a quitter, understands that he deserves, at least this once, the benefit of the doubt.

Even with certain sections of the stadium closed for NYCFC matches, Yankee Stadium is expected to have the second-largest capacity for regular-season soccer matches in MLS behind CenturyLink Field in Seattle (38,500). It is expected to take the better part of three days to convert from one sport to the other, according to club officials. Instead, Posada expressed frustration that Cashman discussed the situation during the game both with reporters in the press box and in an interview that I conducted with the GM on MLB on Fox.
Because he received numerous requests from reporters, including one from MLB on Fox, after the Yankees initially declined to reveal why Posada was not playing.

It dates to the Yankees' decision last November to no longer use Posada at catcher, and several subsequent slaps.

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