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Along with that, it should be pointed out, comes the simultaneous appearance of Fox Sports 2. Until some real rights-fee contracts start to take effect in 2014 and 2015, the live event content will be a minimalist mash-up of more minor motor sports, some overseas soccer games, boxing matches, poker shows, rugby . ESPN chief John Skipper has been pulled into the media crossfire in explaining how the Worldwide Leader in Sports might have to go back and develop a counterattack to all the fun bombs apparently headed for the skies above us.

Until then, distributors will allowed Fox to upgrade Speed to FS1 as long as there is no extra charge for the channel. Saturday, the underwhelming highlights of the live coverage will consist of practice runs from the NASCAR and World Truck Series in Michigan, followed by an impressive UFC card at 5 p.m. It starts with five games this weekend on NBC Sports Network and Channel 4 this weekend, with Arlo White subbed into the international feed as the main play-by-play man, Lee Dixon and Grame Le Saux as the featured analysts, and a studio show hosted by Rebecca Lowe and including Kyle Martino, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe will appear before and after many of the telecasts.

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