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The NFL's all-time leader in passing yards has been a shell of himself this season, and it appears injuries may be a major reason for his struggles. However, these aspirations do little for fantasy owners hoping to win a championship during the NFL's regular season. Sam Bradford: The Eagles will turn to Mark Sanchez once again after starter Sam Bradford suffered two injuries in the team's loss to the Dolphins on Sunday. Landry Jones: Jones suffered a left ankle injury on Pittsburgh's opening drive, forcing the Steelers to turn to Ben Roethlisberger, who did not start because of a foot injury.
Stotts works as a Certified Athletic Trainer (MAT, ATC, PES, CES) and is a former winner of the Best Fantasy Football Article from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.
Fortunately, according to reports, Big Ben did not suffer a significant Lisfranc injury and surgery will not be needed. Eddie Lacy: The Green Bay running back has been one of the biggest disappointments in fantasy this season. LeSean McCoy: The Bills' running back was in the middle of an impressive performance against the Dolphins before a shoulder injury forced him from the game.
RotoWire's Jeff Stotts analyzes the fantasy football injuries to Blake Bortles, Andrew Luck and Dez Bryant's timetable for return. Guessing when and how injuries occur, especially significant ones like an ACL rupture, is extremely difficult. The second-year quarterback has quietly emerged as a viable fantasy option but enters Week 6 nursing a shoulder injury.
Fortunately, the injury to the ligaments that help stabilize the joint was classified as a Grade I sprain, the least severe sprain possible, and there is a good chance Bortles will play Sunday against the Texans. Marques Colston: Like Bortles, the New Orleans wide receiver is dealing with an injury to his AC joint.
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One week after losing wide receiver Dez Bryant to a broken foot, the Cowboys' injury woes continued as quarterback Tony Romo suffered a fractured left clavicle (collarbone) in a win over the Eagles.
The injury occurred to Romo's non-throwing shoulder when he was taken down by defensive end Fletcher Cox. Romo's injury is an isolated fracture, meaning the two shoulder joints that involve the collarbone were not affected. While Romo did miss 10 games in 2010, Dallas' poor overall record that year likely influenced the Cowboys' decision to place him on injured reserve. For the latest fantasy advice, analysis and information delivered right to your inbox, sign up for the FREE Fantasy Insiders newsletter today!
Brees is dealing with a shoulder injury, though conflicting reports regarding the severity of the injury have surfaced.
The focus for fantasy owners simply shifts from what happened to what does it mean for his availability.
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His right shoulder has been sore for a majority of the year, but on Monday it was revealed he is also dealing with torn plantar fascia in his left foot, a limiting and painful injury. The injury should negatively impact Tom Brady's overall productivity, though wide receiver Danny Amendola will have a chance to fill Edelman's role. The mid-foot itself is the Lisfranc joint, meaning a mid-foot sprain diagnosis is in fact a Lisfranc injury. The timing of the injury should allow him to be ready for the start of the 2016 season, and his familiarity with the recovery process will make things go a bit smoother.
The injury, though, is to his throwing arm and any limitation could affect both his strength and accuracy. A six-week recovery from this type of injury would be impressive even with Bryant being particularly proactive in his recovery.
However, Colston's injury appears to be more significant and is likely a higher-grade injury. While Romo missed 10 games following the injury, there's no reason to believe it factored into his current issue. However, it was surprising to see reports surface that the Pro Bowler receiver underwent a surgical implant AND a bone graft. Brock Osweiler will start against the Bears, though he remains an unproven fantasy commodity. Brandon LaFell, who is still shaking off rust from offseason surgery, could also become a serviceable fantasy option. The term separation is used to describe an injury to the acromioclavicular (AC) joint of the shoulder where the collarbone meets the shoulder blade. Roethlisberger's early return likely didn't help any fantasy owners and accelerated the team's original return to play plan. Big Ben suffered the injury late in the team's win over the Raiders when his foot was forcibly twisted as he tried to avoid a sack. By calling the injury a mid-foot sprain, it simply suggests Roethlisberger did not suffer a rupture ligament, bone dislocation or fracture. The timing of the injury is unfortunate, as his recovery likely will carry into next year's training camp and potentially the regular season.
McCoy told reporters he would be fine for Week 10, but watch his availability throughout the week. Like Murray, Bridgewater has reportedly responded well since the incident, and the Vikings are optimistic about his availability for Week 10.
West received nine touches to Davis' two following Charles' injury and has earned a reputation as a better receiver. Last week, I detailed the difference between an injury here and one at the glenohumeral joint while analyzing Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. The mechanism of injury is called an axial load and often generates enough force to break the middle portion of the collarbone.
Bone heals well and is one of the rare tissues that returns to full, and potentially better, strength following injury.

According to reports, the team is preparing for him to miss the next eight weeks, but let's look at what precedent and other examples suggests about the injury to get a better timetable on Romo.
Rotator cuff injuries are common in throwing athletes but generally develop with repetitive motion or a violent pulling motion.
Bradford will first have to complete the league's mandated concussion protocol before shifting his focus to his injured shoulder. Bone tissue is one of the few tissues capable of returning to its original strength following injury, meaning Romo's risk should be only slightly elevated. Coach Jack Del Rio told reporters Monday that Murray was already progressing through the league's mandated concussion protocol and he expects his starting back to be eligible to play Week 10. Multiple studies have shown that athletes who have already torn an ACL are more likely to suffer a second ACL injury than a healthy athlete is to suffer his first ACL injury.
Expect Terrance Williams, Jason Witten and the Dallas running backs to be negatively impacted by the injury.
Grade I sprains mean the injured ligament or ligaments have accrued damage on a micro-level. Plantar fasciitis often becomes a reoccurring injury that is extremely painful and difficult to manage.
Specifically, the injury was diagnosed as a Jones fracture, the same injury that cost Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant six weeks and five games earlier this season. The overlap of the two injuries will be difficult to manage, especially if the concussion-related symptoms linger. The injured individual is often required to be non-weight bearing for a stretch to minimize the amount of stress on the affected area.
Other risk factors, including biomechanics and neuromuscular control, can play a role, but any athlete with a history of ACL problems should be considered a high risk for a secondary injury.
Davis' injury history, which includes multiple ankle issues, may play a factor as coach Andy Reid opts to give the more durable West the bulk of carries. Matt Hasselbeck will receive his third consecutive start if Luck is out, though his fantasy prospects aren't overwhelming either. As a result, the initial four-to-six week window provided by the team becomes even harder to stomach, and I maintain the belief that this injury will cost Bryant at least seven more weeks and could keep him out until Thanksgiving.
The Patriots handed the ball to a running back just five times during a Week 7 matchup against the Jets when Lewis was sidelined with an abdominal injury.
If the team can't protect Bortles, the 23-year-old could easily aggravate the injury and be forced to the sideline.

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