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While there are dozens of solid soccer commentators on English language television around the world, I have compiled a list of the seven best announcers in the business. Arlo is NOT a top ten commentator, there are plenty of TWI commentators that are much better. And speaking of Peter Jones, if a list of top radio commentators were ever put together, his name should be at the VERY top of that list. If you want a commentator who pisses on everything modern-day football, Garry Birtles is the man. In 2012, Fox Sports plucked Erin Andrews from ESPN, and she’s without question the most well-known blonde in sports at the network. Earlier this year, we broke the news that Fox snagged Charissa Thompson from ESPN and Thompson figures prominent on Fox Sports Live, FS1’s answer to Sportscenter. FOX Sports has hired John Strong as a full-time commentator to beef up its soccer coverage in 2015 and beyond.

Strong, who has been unanimously heralded by experts as one of the most talented American presenters and commentators on soccer, has been given the position after expert appearances in recent years on NBC Sports and FOX Sports. Hats off to FOX Sports for making the wise decision to sign John Strong to an exclusive contract. This entry was posted in FOX Soccer, FOX Sports 1, Leagues: Major League Soccer, Soccer On TV. NBC Sports Group and Univision posted record-breaking numbers in 2015 for its soccer coverage. Major League Soccer has announced the start date to its 2016 season as well as the dates for its club’s 20 home openers. Last Thursday when news broke that Jose Mourinho had been sacked at Chelsea, it was arguably the biggest club soccer story of the year.
In 2014, there were 35 games played in the US that were attended by at least 40,000 people – usually considered the cutoff for a standout soccer crowd.

Seemingly, anyone with a keyboard and access to the web has written about Fox’s Blonde Brigade.
The US soccer expert has bounced around between the two sports networks until now finding a permanent home at FOX Sports. He called the 2013 UEFA Europa League Final and hosted studio coverage for FOX Sports’ coverage of the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup and the whip-around UEFA Champions League show, MultiMatch 90. Strong does provide FOX Sports a natural replacement for Stone though if the former ESPN employee is busy covering other sports or is absent.

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