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The Argentina National Football Team as we all know is one amongst the top contenders for the FIFA World Cup.
Argentina have put together a very strong team who will be one of of the favorites at the World Cup. In this episode Tom and Dave break down the upcoming 2013 BCS Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame.  This is part 3 of a 3 part series and here we focus on Special Teams and our Championship Predictions. If you want to get in on the rest of the football action, check out five teams to watch in the 2014-2015 NFL Season, and our complete breakdown of the AFC East. Monday night will see some of the best teams in the league compete, with Super Bowl contenders Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and the New England Patriots to name a few. Writer’s prediction: The Giants stumble as the Lions (-4) start their season on a good note.
The San Francisco 49ers could not ask for an easier opponent when it’s their turn for Monday Night Football, than the St.

Writer’s prediction: The Rams prove to be a tougher challenge than usual, but the 49ers eventually come up with the win. Writer’s prediction: Philadelphia has a breakout season, and the Panthers won’t be the ones to stop them in Week 10. Writer’s prediction: The Cincinnati Bengals continue impressing at home as they give the Denver Broncos a key late season loss.
Governed and controlled by the Argentine football Association (AFA), the team is very famous for its attacking style of play, its class and the kind of players it produces. Popularly known as the Albicelestes (sky blues and whites), the team has won two World Cups in history back in 1976 and 1986 respectively and today stands on the 6th rank as per FIFA rankings. Right from the very start the team has produced class of players that have not just had an impact on the national team but world football as well. It will be a delight to watch the team take over its rivals at this international platform.

However, critics still feel that the team lacks defensive capabilities.They feel that if the team improve upon their defense they can undoubtedly has a great chance to win the competition. We’ll also be treated to plenty of scrappy contests throughout the season as all the teams are coming in with their own set of new tricks and recent additions to their rosters. However, when the NFL season finally hits us on September 7, our yawns and moans will turn into ecstatic cheers as Monday Night Football returns.

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