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For Fox News to report the findings of a poll by omitting the winner and announcing an also-ran in the headline is representative of their aversion to honest journalism. Also buried by the Fox Nationalists was the news that Hillary Clinton was named the most-admired woman in the world for a record twentieth time. The brazenly biased reporting by Fox News here exposes their pitiful desperation to shape a false narrative. As News Corpse has been reporting for the past seven months, the media has been saturated with Donald Trump in his quest to be crowned King of America. Media Matters has been doing monthly analyses of the time distribution on Fox News for the Republican candidates. Nevertheless, Trump relentlessly bitches about the allegedly unfair treatment he gets from Fox News.
The Fox Nationalists linked to an article from the New York Post, a sister publication that is also owned by Rupert Murdoch. That’s a pretty clear statement that the investigation had failed to uphold the ludicrous claims made by Trump and parroted by Fox News. So Mueller anticipated that Fox News would try to stir up a phony controversy and put it to rest before it could even be launched. In Fox’s world there is always something that is threatening to wipe this country off the map. As grotesque as these comments are, they only scratch the surface of the routine hate speech that is tolerated (encouraged) on Fox Nation.
The dangerous dialog that occurs daily on Fox Nation is part of the reason I wrote two books about the website (Fox Nation vs.

It is reminiscent of the 2012 presidential campaign when Fox ignored their own polls that showed Obama beating Mitt Romney, and instead reported other polls with Romney in the lead that turned out to be wrong.
And yet, the Post’s article cut and pasted many of the anonymous and uncorroborated accounts of relatively low-key partying by some small groups of people, but never reported the primary finding that the claims of mass celebrations were baseless.
Indeed, there have been violent incidents already that are directly attributable to Fox News. News Corpse has been compiling examples of such speech for a few years and has them on display at The Collected Hate Speech Of The Fox News Community.
Certainly Fox has an incentive to suppress the fact that Clinton is widely admired as she seeks to become the next president of the United States. But as bad as the collective press has been, Fox News is far and away the worst of the lot. And he’s had help from Fox News, who has been there to defend the indefensible many times in the past. The Post used as its source an article published by a New Jersey news website and written by Mark Mueller of NJ Advanced Media.
It is a revealing look at the mindset of the Fox News audience that openly expresses the most vile thoughts. And now, looking at the year-end summation from May to December, the dominance of Trump on Fox News is both astonishing and nauseating. The only other Fox primetime program is The Kelly File, where Trump appeared only 2% of the time due to his ongoing feud with Megyn Kelly. His red-faced tirades, and brutish treatment of guests who disagree with him, are the model Fox uses for political discourse.

Just prior to the last election Fox was obsessed with Obama’s intention to deliberately infect every American with Ebola.
And when Glenn Beck was on Fox he was responsible for inspiring at least three violent criminals. It is also significant that the other commenters rarely object to these posts and the Fox moderators leave them in place to inspire other hate mongers.
Well, because he knows that he’s lying and is feeding off of the constant attention he gets from Fox. You couldn’t turn on Fox News without being subjected to some scary music and graphics backing up a frantic dialog of imminent doom. The result is entirely predictable, and is perfectly illustrated by this most recent incident of Fox News inspired terrorism.
Then, miraculously, the day after the election, Ebola was cured and disappeared from Fox’s broadcasts.
That sort of barbarity sits well with Fox News and earns one frequent invitations to return.
Now Syrian refugees are today’s Ebola, and they are just as deadly as the frightful virus that Fox alleged would destroy America.
So Fox News will punish you if you cuss, but not if proselytize for murdering women, children, and journalists.

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