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This was also the first time the Baker Street Irregulars met at the Murray Hill Hotel, where the BSI dinners would continue to be held — cocktails in Parlor F, dinner and program in Parlor G — until the New York landmark was finally torn down in the late ’Forties, to be great regret of many sentimental people.
Meanwhile, and with 221B still rolling off the presses, I am sending you a first very rough-and-ready copy of the Gazetteer which you have egged me on, from time to time, to write.
I could and would, of course, if the dinner were postponed, keep you posted as to developments, and the probable time I should be free to make a New York visit.
My brother Felix has a subtle scheme which he will bring direct from the State Department in Washington.
Panelists and discussants at the Third International Conference on Mande Studies: Caroline Angenent, Ralph Austen, Abdoulie Bayo, Rogier Bedaux, Stephen Belcher, Saskia Brand, Anneke Breedveld, Sarah Brett-Smith, Stephen Bulman, Seydou Camara, Eric Charry, Priscilla Colt, David Conrad, Youssouf Diallo, Jose da Silva Horta, Mirjam de Bruijn, Ferdinand de Jong, Mamadi Dembele, Lucy Duran, John Hanson, Eugenia Herbert, Eric Huysecom, Jan Jansen, John Johnson, Lansine Kaba, Raymond Kastenholz, Cheik M.
Like any large, extended family, MANSA has suffered its share of tragedy, periodically losing some of its members to accident, illness, and the passage of time. In Bamako, one advantage of holding an international conference on West African soil proved to be the participation of doctoral students from Europe and the United States who happened to be doing   research in Mali at the right time. The 1995 conference at Leiden was such a success that in June of the same year in London, colleagues from SOAS were tentatively suggesting to the MANSA President several ideas for another international conference, this time to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1972 Conference on Manding Studies (MANSA Newsletter 28, 1995: 2).
Located at 41st and Park Avenue in Manhattan’s Murray Hill district, the venerable hotel had seen better days by the time the Baker Street Irregulars arrived in 1940, but it captured and preserved the atmosphere of Victorian London far better than any other possibility in New York at that time (let alone today). Smith is about the busiest person on earth at the moment, although he has taken time out to read your new book BOOKS ALIVE which he thinks is excellent. Copies of 221-B were distributed and autographed more or less by all present, and a jolly good time was H.
Julian Wolff, who made a couple of neat little maps of spots in the stories about a year ago (I asked him at the time to send copies to you), and he is doing a bang-up job with London, England, the Continent and the world - creations that will be well worth framing and hanging.
Christopher Morley (still beardless at this time) is at the head of the table, in black tie, leaning to catch something Frederic Dorr Steele is saying to him. Absent from all seven are the signatures of Elmer Davis, Malcolm Johnson, and Warren Jones, all of whose names are in Smith’s minutes.

The frequency of visits and cooperative projects markedly increased after 1992 with the comings and goings of a series of researchers on Fulbright fellowships. Although it was not officially conceived or organized under the auspices of the Mande Studies Association, this was in fact an ad hoc MANSA function because all of the participants have been at one time or another, members of our organization: Ralph Austen, Stephen Belcher, Charles Bird, Stephen Bulman, Seydou Camara, David Conrad, Mamadou Diawara, Paulo Farias, Tom Hale, Jim McGuire, Tal Tamari, Karim Traore, and Ivor Wilks. Starrett could be excused for overlooking it, since he had been out of the country at the time, on an extended tour of duty. Warren Force (died 1959) was in the tar business — founder and chairman of the Hydrocarbon Products Company, Inc., and a director and the treasurer of the Tar Distilling Company and Old Colony Tar Company at the time of his death.
Clifton Fadiman had been a protege of Morley’s at the Saturday Review of Literature, and was a fellow Book of the Month Club judge and panelist on the radio show Information, Please! This was his first BSI dinner and he was meeting virtually all these men for the first time that night. In the early 90s, working with Louise Bedichek who was at that time (June 1987-September 1991) the extraordinarily effective Public Affairs Officer at the United States Information Service (USIS), Mamadou Kodiougou Diallo who was at that time Vice-Recteur de Recherche at the University of Conakry, smoothed the way for research authorization and began requesting and personally welcoming American scholars. I doubt that time remains to enable the development of an essay on the Obliquity of the Ecliptic, but it is barely possible, if I apply myself assiduously, that I might have ready for confidential distribution for those present, a typewritten copy of the Gazetteer on which I have recently been making fairly decent progress. Anyway, let me know what you think of it, and how it might be improved, and perhaps for Christmas or some time before I can get my bargain-price printer to put it in type.
Smith as Buttons communicated with the membership through memoranda to the BSI, sometimes enclosing whatever membership list was current at the time. Smith eventually coaxed the Pips into the BSI, and then struggled to save them in 1947 when Christopher Morley felt the BSI had grown too large and unruly.
A few of them, Irregulars active today were able to know in person before they fell from the ranks. WARA President Edris Makward dedicated the conference to our departed friend, and her MANSA colleagues who remained to carry on included Ferdinand de Jong, Cornelia Giesing, Kathryn Green, Lilyan Kesteloot, Kirsten Langeveld, Barbara Lewis, Peter Mark, Muhammad Saidou N'Daou, David Robinson, Jeanne Toungara, Vera Viditz-Ward, and David Conrad (MANSA Newsletter 35, 1997: 1-2). In 1994 MANSA members began contributing books to the new American Cultural Center Library, which at the time was directed by Mohamed Fofana.

Since that time she had become the First Lady of Mali (June 1992), and on the final evening of the conference, participants were honored by President Alpha Konare in a reception at the presidential palace.
This list has been compiled in a piecemeal fashion from many sources but as time goes on we hope to show improvement!
I have in my possession a coal box which to my knowledge is nearly fifty years old, but which, until it fell into the hands of the philistines in this country had never held so much as a spoonful of coal.
In that instance, the coal box, which stood by the fireplace chair, had been used by my mother and by my grandmother before her for the odds and ends of sewing and knitting utensils that a Scotswoman picks up in the afternoon that even her time of rest may not be entirely wasted! Elmer Davis was perhaps the best known national celebrity in the BSI at the time, from his work as a CBS radio newsman. Bell was there at the time, and when Bell died in 1947, Starrett recalled in his “Books Alive” column in the Tribune walking up and down Baker Street with Bell, arguing about which house had been Sherlock Holmes’s.
Or perhaps the dinner — the date still uncertain — when Jim Montgomery sang “Aunt Clara” for the first time.
He attended the annual dinner for the first time in 1936, and is the only living person to have attended BSI dinners at both the Murray Hill Hotel and, before that, Christ Cella’s speakeasy. That meeting included nearly every notable scholar in Mande studies at that time, along with many others who would later make significant contributions to the field. Simeon Strunsky at the New York Times, “dean of grammarians,” as Morley liked to call him, had been on the 1935 membership list as well, though he (like Rosenbach) never attended a BSI dinner.

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