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The selection worries continue for Newcastle after Yohan Cabaye was ruled out of the game against Cardiff.
There will be plenty of twists and turns in the transfer market before the start of the season, and most likely up until the end of August… and Fantasy Premier League teams will be tweaked millions of times by it’s players before the 11.30am deadline on 8th August 2015. Many managers will be looking to Chelsea first and foremost after their title winning campaign last season but we will also be looking very closely at the transfer movements at Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. The Football Ramble is one of the UK’s most-loved football podcasts and releases a new show every Tuesday. And so begins a meandering exchange that has become the stuff of legend among Football Ramble aficionados while simultaneously repelling hundreds more who tuned in for the first time expecting football chat. BUY THESE TYRES BECAUSE HOT WOMEN WITH BREASTICLES, FAST CARS, HEROIC CRIME BUSTING FOOTBALLERS RAWWWWWWEEERRRRR!! He’s horribly excited as he introduces the opening question in the Ramble Christmas Party 2015, which in turn is greeted with hoots of derision, shouting and hardly any references to football.
This year, the Ramble boys have gone out of their way to ensure you receive value for your hard earned cash! It’s not really in the spirit of this whole endeavour, but then neither is responding to a round Robin email requesting input with this. It might be a side-effect of sudden wealth or the overwhelming demand for headlines technology has created, but the highest accolade available to the football analyst these days, particularly in writing, is no longer to tell the reader what happened.
The point of this post isn’t to commit some sort of career suicide by criticising the senior pros who stalk the back pages (or being disrespectful to same) but to highlight how an environment this competitive and reductive negatively impacts upon us and the game itself. His only interest was improving football, sustaining it and striving to create a better environment for everyone involved.
Their wealth and dominance might place them firmly in the Dark Side of the Bundesliga but like many German clubs, Bayern Munich are also well known for their social engagement. Bonus features of this episode include the inaugural play of the awe-inspiring Ramble Rap by Peter Stone, which includes a helpful reminder of where you can generally find Luke Moore between the hours of 7pm and 6am, seven days a week.

But did you see his face as former teammate and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, who was but three feet away from him on the sofa, deconstructed Chelsea’s current form with the intent and precision of an Arsenal legend in his pomp. We’ll have to wait for the swelling to go down before a scan can ascertain how much damage has been sustained. We had planned (in as much as we plan anything) to do the Twelve Rambles of Christmas before we saw this, but since you went to the trouble of leaving a review, Digimortal2076, it would be rude of us not to use it to labour our point. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but this means there is literally days of listening ahead of you if you wanted to attempt the full set. Join us for a tour of major tournaments, classic DWHoF profiles, outlandish predictions, penalty algorithms, tech fails and even the occasional snippet of analysis that somehow sneaks through the edit. Fortunately for Inter, Javier Zanetti showed slightly more commitment and tenacity during his playing career than he did during the Champions League draw. Like most unfashionable sides who pull off a miracle, Bournemouth were showered with well intentioned but ultimately condescending compliments as they stumbled, blinking, through the golden gates into football nirvana.
But despite earnest interventions from the Gods of Injury, Norwich, Spurs and Manchester City, Bournemouth wake up this morning in fourteenth position in the table, two huge Premier League scalps quivering on their dining room table. The fact that this is one of the strangest, most unpredictable seasons in Premier League history accounts for some of it.
A Twitter poll conducted yesterday afternoon confirmed a number of suspicions about the Football Ramble listenership. I was immediately deluged with tweets claiming Marcus himself was responsible for the downvotes; a claim which, when questioned, he refused to confirm or deny. Important InformationHide this messageThis site uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. As many fantasy premier league managers will testify to there is nothing more painful than using one of your weekly transfers to bring a player who ends up sitting on the bench come the weekend, so in a bid to save you from this pain and suffering here are our coaches thoughts on this weekends team line ups. Remember if you don’t want to miss a tip or vital fantasy premier league news follow our social media feeds!

Ahead of the Third Round of FA Cup action later today, Emmanuel Adebayor has recovered from the cramp that forced him off against United in midweek.
The midfielder could feature against Nottingham Forest this Sunday, though the likes of Andy Carroll, Winston Reid, James Collins, James Tomkins, Ricardo Vaz Te and Mark Noble are all out for the injury-hit club. Petr Cech will be a popular choice at Arsenal (depending on his value) and the ever increasing value of Eden Hazard may be enough to put players off in the early fixtures for the champions – especially considering the fact they face Man City, Arsenal and Everton in 3 of their first 6 fixtures.
Once this bunch of elite athletes are released from the constraints of league football, the incisive football analysis (Spain’s ability to beat England using just their keeper and back line), observational comedy (Portugal’s centre backs terrorising a small village) and offensive remarks involving lettuce, flows like yogurt. Hailing from the dusty reaches of the Ramble Archive, Slunge was first broadcast in April 2011 and remains an absolute belter to this day.
As the (vandalised) Football Ramble Wikipedia page indicates, Mr Moore’s evenings are booked up for now and the foreseeable future. A man for whom the purity and spectacle of the game was a driving force and always, always enough. They’ve capitalised on what have so far been baffling runs of form from both the champions and Manchester United, for sure. Not only is this alleged jacket listed in the Leisurewear section of the online store, size XL is sold out.
Poyet is expected to hand new left-back Marcos Alonso his debut against Carlisle after snapping up the former Bolton defender on loan for the rest of the season. Expect to see big investment before those games though and so it will be interesting to see if the incoming players can gel together before those games – interestingly, those games were the type that James Milner would have been preferred for (by Pellegrini) so we expect some strong midfield types to come in and help sure up their midfield. That if Chelsea stormed to a crushing victory, it would prove the players deliberately played badly to hasten Jose’s exit, which is a terrible indictment of player power at this level blah blah blah.

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