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DALLAS – DeMarcus Ware was released from the Dallas Cowboys for allegedly showing excessive and disturbing homosexual behavior towards Quarterback Tony Romo.
Ware was supposed to make $12.25M dollars in 2014 alone and $79M dollars in a 6 year contract signed in 2009. 1) Restructuring Ware this year will free up almost as much as cutting him as a June 1 cut, more if you take the entire hit this year. My contention is they will be better served to restructure and realize the savings that way, while having Ware in 2014 to see if he can overcome the combination of age and injury to return to form in 2014.

Since the Cowboys are in fact a rebuilding team not a contender neither this or the Romo contract should have been extended. That all changed when Romo accused Ware of homosexual behavior, and saying it was making his life uncomfortable, since the whole team shares a locker room.
Because that makes it a choice between Ware and Austin (who would provide enough to sign rookies if designated a June 1 cut).
Given that the cap in 2015 will be north of 140 mil AND Dallas is currently $6mil UNDER the projected 2015 cap of 133 mil, it makes sense to give Ware one more year.

The guaranteed portion ($40 million) also equals Terrell Suggs’ record-setting contract.

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