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Correct score betting is probably the hardest thing to bet on, as it is very hard to predict what can happen in the pitch. Betting on premier league games each week, it is difficult to get more than two or three correct, and one or none are more common.
For football fans who want to earn some beer money while enjoying the beautiful game, visit Dafabet Sportsbook and try your luck with football betting. Juventus v Barcelona betting tips and correct score predictions for the Champions League final this weekend. If betting on a correct score isn’t your thing, take advantage of one of these amazing price boosts to bet on your Juventus v Barcelona betting tips. Thomas FurinssThomas is another great football predictions writer who regularly gives our readers some winning free football betting tips. One of the most popular betting strategies people tackle on the football is betting on the correct score market.
The correct score market is a difficult one to tackle and it is often hard to find any real value in it with bookmakers often under-pricing the low scores in close matches.

Close games often result in low scoring affairs and the sensible system would be to bet on a 1-0 or 1-1 correct score but betting on a 1-0 comes  with its own risks from an entertainment point of view in that is the opposition score a goal your bet is a guaranteed loser. The correct score market is a fantastic way of betting for the casual punter, with the bigger scorelines such as 3-2, 4-2, 4-3 etc almost always being available at attractive odds. Rather than betting on sides or totals, you bet both at once, essentially — picking the score at the end of a certain period (usually full-time). If a soccer game can pay out at 90.00 for a score of three-nil, imagine the length of the odds on NFL games, let alone NBA games! Remember that teams are trying to win matches, though, and not win matches at half-time, or at full-time by a certain score.
Here, you will make profit or fair money, if you get one or more right, depending on the score you select and the odds you get. One of the more popular markets for this weekend clash will be predicting the correct score for Juventus v Barcelona, and with Betfred running a promotion for refunds on a 1-1 scoreline, here are three contenders for your careful consideration. The 1-1 scoreline was the most popular result in La Liga this season at 11%, it was also the most frequent result in Serie A at 15%.

This system has recently being turned into a strategy by some by laying the correct score to try and guarantee a profit.
If you bet on a 2-1 scoreline your bet still has a chance even if the opposition score first. Betting on these scorelines has undoubted risk, but the rewards make this betting system an enjoyable one for the full 90 minutes of a match. This system is more from a casual punters point of view who is purely betting to get some extra enjoyment out of the football match.
If you just bet scores from 0-0 to 2-2, then you can make a tidy profit, though — exact-score bets have small vig.

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