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In addition to the new Livescore, Tables and Statistics service Football-Data continues to provide the football punter with computer-ready football results, match statistics and betting odds data for use with spreadsheet applications, to help with the development and analysis of football betting systems.
Download Football-Data's FREE PDF guide to Rating Systems for Match Prediction, and discover how ratings analysis using computer-ready results and betting oddds data can help one to establish a betting edge, as in the chart above right. Fixtures and betting odds for upcoming games are also are made available, collected Friday afternoons for weekend fixtures, and on Tuesday afternoons for midweeek games. Why not also visit the network partner Tennis-Data for tennis results and betting odds data.

You are free experiment with the data yourselves, but if you are looking for a bespoke Excel application that has been desinged specifically to work with Football-Data's files, visit BetGPS for an exceptional data analysis workbook. Football-Data would like to acknowledge the following sources which are currently utilised in the compilation of Football-Data's results and odds files. In doing so Football-Data takes the time out of recompiling pages and pages of results data and past betting odds found on a number of football results and odds comparison websites. Football-Data's preferred spreadsheet application is Microsoft Excel, offering a full range of analytical functions to test betting systems developed from match and odds data.

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