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Upper Deck chronicled some of the “Monumental Moments” from past Red River Rivalry games in the company’s new University of Texas and University of Oklahoma football trading card products. Let us hear you defend why you think the Sooners are the better program or why you feel the Longhorns are the best collegiate program for your chance to receive a blow-up card from the new set of Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford.
Gonna have to go with Texas, I hate the State, but they Know football better than anyone!!!!

One of the most storied programs in college football history, with 7 National Championships and 5 Heisman winners.
This weekend both teams have a ton on the line as they look to add another chapter to one of the best college rivalries in the nation. You can’t mention Sooner football without talking about the legendary coaches who helped former teams to greatness.

And they are the second winnings collegiate football program of all time so cant go wrong with them.

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