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COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Inside the newly renovated Memorial Student Center, a choral group put on an entertaining performance Friday afternoon. College football Saturdays are one of the most beloved and outrageous experiences in sports.
Meanwhile, you can keep up with all of our blog content -- all the interesting stories everyone is talking about, across every sport -- over at Game On.Huge thanks for making Campus Rivalry a regular destination for you for great college football and college basketball coverage.
Penn State's Sam Ficken returned a goat, missing four of five field goal attempts, including one with time expiring, and an extra point try in a 17-16 loss at Virginia.Reggie Miller was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday night, and Saturday's football games paid tribute to the NBA's three-point king.
22 in the USA TODAY Sports coaches poll."(We) decided to move on," Bielema said, according to Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel.

Even without the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, it's one of college football's great traditions. If you want to be very jealous of what "kids these days" -- err, star college basketball players these days -- get to live in, definitely check out the whole video.As Calipari says to end the video, it's setting a "new gold standard" for athlete housing.
At time of his hiring, Markuson was hailed by head coach Bret Bielema for "having success at the highest levels of college football.
Based on an unscientific observation of tailgates and public transportation riders heading to the Meadowlands, USC fans are going to be well-represented today. ESPN's College GameDay will broadcast Saturday morning from the Simpson Drill Field, adjacent to the Memorial Student Center.

The FBI, however, is still investigating and is the lead investigator.Meanwhile, retired NBA basketball star and former LSU All-American Shaquille O'Neal spent some of his free time also attending Saturday's game and was introduced on the field in the second quarter. His brother, Raynard, told the Associated Press that their mother was watching the game on television when her son was injured.Tulane sports information director Roger Dunaway said in an email to USA TODAY Sports that NCAA rules permit schools to assist families financially so they can travel to be with their children when a serious injury such as this occurs.

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