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COMMENTEMAILMOREThe NBA's golden era for point guards continued to be tarnished on Friday night when Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers announced that Chris Paul will be out three to five weeks with a right shoulder injury suffered in a win against the Dallas Mavericks.Anyone who has watched the Clippers in action during the three seasons with Paul in town knows of the profound value he brings to their group, an impact that's up there with the likes of fellow injured point guards like Boston's Rajon Rondo, Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook and Chicago's Derrick Rose.
Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers will be out 6 weeks with a separated right shoulder. Without Chris Paul, the leader and playmaker of the Clippers will struggle and recently lost to San Antonio on Saturday with Darren Collison starting in his place. When it comes to NBA superstars like Chris Paul, you can't just put in another point guard and expect to win. Austin Rivers has done a decent job, and Jamal Crawford not so much, in relief of Chris Paul.

This entry was posted in NBA News and tagged Blake Griffin, Chris Paul injured playoffs, Clippers vs Houston betting, Clippers vs. CP3 was injured in the 3rd quarter of the Dallas Mavericks vs Clippers game on Friday when he tripped over guard Monta Ellis.
However, with Chris Paul still out with his hamstring injury and DeAndre Jordan in foul trouble, the Clippers couldn’t hang on to their lead. There's a reason Paul is always in the MVP discussion so long as the Clippers are winning games, as his individual value in respect to his team is up there with the likes of Miami's LeBron James.
In fact, a strong argument can be made that the Heat have a much better chance of surviving for a stretch without James than the Clippers do without Paul.Unfortunately, we're about to find out, as the Clippers (23-12) have a road showdown against the reigning Western Conference champion San Antonio Spurs on Saturday followed by a homestand against the Magic, Celtics, Lakers and Mavericks.

An MRI will be needed to reveal the extent of Paul's injury, so the breath-holding and finger-crossing for Rivers & Co. He is expected to be re-examined on Sunday and Monday in Los Angeles, with an update on the injury and his recovery schedule coming on Monday.The Clippers are 9-9 without Paul during his time with the Clippers, and now his duties will be left to Darren Collison while he's out.

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