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Hence, the following is an analysis of one of the more interesting player contracts in the NBA today. The NBA has specific rules governing first round draft picks and the contracts they can sign, commonly referred to as rookie scale contracts.  Such contracts are four-year deals, fully guaranteed for the first two years, with team options for each of the third and fourth years (each of which must be exercised almost an entire season in advance) and a right of first refusal after that. In December 2011, the Rockets signed Parsons to a four-year, $3,629,500 contract (using a sliver of remaining salary cap room they had at the time).  Like the Taylor and Budinger deals, Parsons agreed to bind himself to the team for four years in exchange for an increased salary in the first year ($850,000 instead of the league minimum of $473,604) and second year ($888,250 instead of the league minimum $762,195), both of which are fully guaranteed.

And even if the Rockets wanted to give Parsons a raise before 2015, there really is no feasible way to do that (with one possible exception, discussed below).
Also, even with a Collison-like contract in place, Parsons would have a relatively substantial cap figure locked in on the Rockets’ roster entering the summer of 2015, when the contracts of Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik are set to come off the books and the Rockets possibly positioned to add another significant piece to the puzzle. Given the possibility of the Rockets (even with the addition of another significant piece in the next three years) having substantial salary cap room in 2015, there is potentially much to be gained by letting Parsons hit unrestricted free agency.

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