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The Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers will meet in round #1 of the 2013 NHL Playoffs. The schedule for the New York Rangers' second round match up with their all-too-familiar foes, the Washington Capitals, has been released.
Well, there you have it Rangers fans, the second chapter of the Rangers' 2015 Playoff story begins on Thursday at 7:30 PM.
The Washington Capitals were on fire in the second half of the regular season finishing up 15-2-2 down the stretch. Once again the Rangers will have to find a way to contain the machine that is Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and the Caps' power play in order to take another step towards lifting the Cup. The battles between Rangers' defensemen and Alex Ovechkin over the years have been nerve-wracking and amazing to watch, and the amount of times we've seen these two clubs line up to shake hands after a bitter and epic series has all but guaranteed that we will be seeing some pretty intense and amazing playoff hockey come Thursday. Here are some takeaways and thoughts about what went right and wrong for the Washington Capitals in game two. As for the Rangers they never really got going for much of the season and it looked as though they might actually miss the playoffs.

One of the keys to this series for the Washington Capitals was that they needed to dominate puck possession at even strength.
That’s not good enough, especially if the Rangers are going to continue to get power play opportunities and the Washington Capitals continue to not get them at the same rate as the Rangers.
Orpik finished with a team worst -9.2 on-ice corsi differential (score-adjusted) and was on the ice for the Rangers first goal. Carlson had a score-adjusted corsi differential of -4.4 and was on the ice for two of the three Rangers goals. However, his offensive struggles and inability to put the puck in the net is beginning to hurt the Washington Capitals. If the Washington Capitals can build off what they did at the end of game two and feed off their home crowd like they did in the first round, game three should be a win for the Caps. For what seems like the fiftieth time in the past six seasons, the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers are squaring off in the playoffs. This is actually the ninth time that the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers will square off in the playoffs, and the fourth straight post-season that the Caps and Rangers will square off.

If the Washington Capitals make less mistakes, assuming they still dominate puck possession at even strength, they’ll have a pretty good shot at winning this series.
The Capitals come into the game as the better puck possession team during the regular season.
It’s worth noting that the Islanders were arguably the best puck possession team in the NHL this season (depending on which stat you prefer), but the Washington Capitals still beat them last round.
The Caps power play was the best in the NHL this season while the Rangers had a surprisingly sub-par power play.

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