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The IRS wash sale rule governs the treatment of capital gains and capital losses tax deductions for stocks sold and the re-bought within 30 days. Don't lose out on your chance to offset short term capital gains by creating a wash sale situation.
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator, $69.95 USD, is analytical software designed to assist you with capital budgeting and investment analysis. Capital budgeting is the process of evaluating a cash flow series associated with an investment project to determine whether or not the investment project is worth pursuing. From simple investment projects like purchasing rental property or evaluating other real estate investments to complex long-term investment ventures, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator quickly analyzes cash flow series using these capital budgeting methods: net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), discounted cash flow (DCF), modified internal rate of return (MIRR), net uniform series (NUS), net future value (NFV), and payback period.
But, beware the wash sale rule to avoid losing out on deducting capital losses and offsetting your short-term capital gains accidentally. Making sure you understand how wash sales affect short term capital gains is very important to minimize your potential tax burden. The most straight forward example of a wash sale is when an investor sells and then re-buys the same stock within 30 days.
Joe cannot offset capital gains with the losses generated by the wash sale, further more, the basis of his new investment is adjusted according to IRS rules as documented in Publication 550.

An investment project can be entered on each of the 14 tabs of the DCF calculator's tabbed notebook.
In poorly planned high density areas demolish structures, clean up toxics, improve infrastructure, assemble land, in-fill with housing designed to build social capital, re-forest, set affordability restrictions, provide pricing commensurate with wages. Shagrin commented that Redevelopment Agencies, for example, are required to spend specified amounts of tax increment monies on affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households. Inadvertently creating a wash sale situation will prevent you from offsetting short term capital gains with realized losses, potentially generating a big tax bill. There was more asbestos and lead-based paint, for example, and the infrastructure cannot be enhanced; it will have to be completely redone.
However, there is a way to generate capital losses and re-purchase an investment without creating a wash sale in some cases.
The purpose of the stock wash sale rules is to prevent taxpayers from artificially creating realized losses by selling a stock position and recording a loss for that position and then re-purchasing the same position again as a "new" investment. Avoid Wash Sale Example #1: Sell mutual fund shares and buy different mutual fund shares with same objective. In other words, stock wash sales can generate artificial realized losses which would undermine the ability of the IRS to collect capital gains taxes.

Joe still wants to own XYZ stock as an investment, but wants to generate some realized short-term capital losses to offset realized short-term capital gains. For example, an investor could sell American Century Small Cap Value Fund (ASVIX) for a loss and then purchase Royce Opportunity Investment Fund (RYPNX) on the same day without generating a wash sale. The official IRS wash sale rule can be found in IRS Publication 550 Investment Income and Expenses. The investments are certainly not the same, however, an investor will benefit from an upward move in small cap stocks in either fund. Avoid Wash Sale Example #2: Sell ETFs or Index Funds and buy shares in an ETF or Index fund that tracks a slightly different index.
The remaining realized capital loss of $2,000 is allowed and may be used to offset realized capital gains. For example, sell shares of Boeing stock and purchase an equal dollar amount of Dow Jones U.S.

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