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Chris Stewart, the Buffalo Sabres' severely underperforming power forward, has drawn interest from several clubs throughout the year and is again popping up in trade rumors. But with Stewart in the midst of a really tough year and having fallen out of favor with his coach, it's hard to envision a deal getting done with Buffalo dealing from such a weak position.
Both players are considered top flight free agents if they hit the market and the Sabres may try to embrace the rebuilding process to ensure they get something in return.
Moving Myers is a controversial topic among Sabres fans, and with the Sabres circling the drain for a second straight season the thought of landing a top two pick and Kane has got some fans all excited. There are rumblings that the Sabres are going hard at the trouble Jets forward and there are a bunch of different possibilities being talked about.

If Buffalo can look the other way when it comes to his immaturity than possible deal could be in the works. Depending on whom you listen to from the Sabres front office the Sabres love Myers, and see him as a possible corner stone for the future. There is a reason we keep hearing Tyler Myers as part of Buffalo Sabres trade rumors; the kid still have huge upside, and potential to be a star. I view Myers as a strong third defensemen and looking at the Sabres roster that could very well be where he will fit in.
No disrespect to TSN and the recent video that came out, but I get the feeling Myer’s will be part of any big move the Sabres are rumored to be working on.

Part of the reason Myers keeps coming up is potential as I said earlier, but the bigger part I think is he has not been a constant player for Buffalo. He has been getting better and hopefully coming into his own, but part of a rebuild is holding nothing back; so moving Myers will remain possible until the Sabres feel they have completed rebuilding.

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