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All three of those men were the first player to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl in their respective appearances on Super Sunday.
Free $60 in Member Super Bowl Picks No Obligation Click HereWhile the most popular offensive players on each team generally garner the lowest odds and the most wagers, Super Bowl history shows us some obscure players have had their moment of glory as the first player to find pay dirt in The Big Game. While the running backs are generally given the most favorable odds to score first, wide receivers has actually been the most common position to give us the first player to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. There have been four Super Bowls where the first player to score a touchdown came on defense or special teams.
As for predictions on the first player to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl, I wouldn’t really touch this bet.
But if I had to make a prediction for the first touchdown in the Super Bowl prop, I would recommend going with a random, high-odds player.
As I pointed out, quarterbacks have only scored the first touchdown in the Super Bowl twice in 46 years.

Joe Montana (Super Bowl XIX) and Ben Roethlisberger (Super Bowl XL) both managed one-yard sneaks to open the touchdown scoring in their respective games. The first occurrence was in Super Bowl XVIII when Derrick Jensen recovered a blocked punt and scored for the Raiders.
I don’t think any of the odds really reflect how random scoring the first TD is, and this is coming from a guy that went back and looked up who scored each of the prior 46 touchdowns.
He has scored three touchdowns this postseason, and he was San Francisco’s leading scorer this year with 10 touchdowns. As I mentioned, wide receivers have been the way to play it and have scored first the most times. However, like Gore, scoring a rushing touchdown against the opposing defense is a lot easier said than done. He has played in the Super Bowl before (XLIII with Arizona), but prior to this year had actually never scored a postseason touchdown.

Running backs are second, with 16 running backs scoring the Super Bowl’s first touchdown. Ty Law scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVI when he returned an interception for a score. In fact, James Harrison’s amazing 100-yard interception return score in that Super Bowl came when Kurt Warner tried to force the ball to Boldin at the goal line.
One of the more interesting and unpredictable proposition wagers that bettors will make on the Super Bowl is to gauge the odds on the first player to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. And last year he was an animal in the playoffs, scoring four touchdowns in two games while hauling in 10 catches.

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