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Most sports investors with football in their portfolio know that betting on college football totals can be a key play to give their bankroll the hockey stick curve on the charts. There are plenty of college football betting strategies to consider for your college picks, but as most sports bettors and gamblers sway from their betting strategy and betting systems, and end up consistently making a few simple and costly mistakes when betting football totals on college games. If you buy into the hype around college football predictions from the media without vetting your own research or research from an expert college football handicapper, then you’re just going to make bad betting decisions. A common mistake when betting college football totals is not thinking about time of possession. Its a given golden rule that is neglected by most sports bettors who wager on college football that their own betting system won’t show them.
Considering the coaching style plays a strong influence when considering to bet on football totals.

Its unbelievable how many college gamblers and football bettors I’ve talked to who are tunnel visioned to only look at the recent statistics, and neglect the historical. For example, an NCAA football team may be predicted to lose this week because they could have been easily struggling to score in the last two weeks. Public and social sentiment data, as well as the online sportsbooks, show that the betting public can’t get enough of the offense in college football. Tag: college betting strategy, college betting totals, college football picks, college totals, football totals, sports betting mistakes. Get NFL football picks, football predictions and nfl sports handicapping experts picks combined with global expert sports predictions, from the most confident and intelligent sports prediction model available.
Far to many NCAA football bettors get brainwashed into the all the media coverage that is accessible everywhere you look.

The betting public buys into the hype, the odds and totals then adjust to reflect this hype.
Many college bettors focus on the positives of the offenses when handicapping college football totals. Many college football bettors neglect the importance and impact of a solid defense when betting college football totals. So a key takeaway here for betting on college football totals is if the defense is a particularly good pass defense unit, then the offense most likely won’t have as good of a passing day than they could, which will have a big impact on your college football predictions on betting on the football totals.

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