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Only the state of Sikkim offers legal online gambling licenses and to date has not issued any for horse racing. The Turf Authorities zealously guard their hard-won right to offer pari-mutuel betting at their race courses and off-course centres. Bet365 would get our nod as the best website for Indians to bet horses online, if it wasn’t for their lack of live stream coverage.
Bet365 has been in business since 1974, has over 4 million customers in 200 different countries and a support staff about 1,000 employees. Again, as we’ve already established, wagering on horse races taking place in India is always done live and in person. Win – A wager made on a specific selection to be the Winner of a particular race; a dividend is paid only if the horse finishes first. Place – This wager requires the selection to finish among the 1st, 2nd or 3rd placed horses in a single race when there are 8-11 runners.
Forecast – Two selections are bet in combination to be the 1st and 2nd placed finishers in a single race in the order selected. Quinella – Two selections are bet in combination to be the 1st and 2nd placed finishers in a single race in either order.
Jodi – Newly introduced and not yet widely available, this wager is a Win bet on a combination of two horses in a single race. Bar Bet – This new form of wager, initially introduced by RWITC, is a bet that any horse other than the designated favourite will win. Tanala – Three selections are bet in combination to be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed finishers in a single race in the order selected. Each Club has set up hundreds of automated Tote betting booths at the racecourses where bets can be placed.

Some of the Clubs also operate off-course betting centres where Tote wagers can be made while watching the televised races. Of course, the Clubs are in competition with the bookmakers for customers’ wagers, so several wrinkles have been added to induce more Tote betting. An additional consideration when choosing whether to wager with the Tote or the bookmakers is the cost of betting.
Lastly, it is the responsibility of the bettor to know what the rules are regarding payouts.
Since this ruling, race popularity in India has exploded to a level previously unprecedented. There are also several off-course and inter-track betting centres in most states that offer live televised coverage of the contests and accept bets over the counter. They are the only online race book to offer bets on races held at Indian race tracks, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calkutta, Delhi, and Mysore. They are a good addition to your betting portfolio to compare odds with the other bookmakers. Not only can you wager on international horse races held in the UK, Ireland, US, and elsewhere, but you can also bet on horse races at Mumbai, Hyderbad, Calkutta, Delhi and more.
While they do not offer bets on casino, poker, or other sports, their  focus on horse betting is well noted and appreciated.
Sites such as Bet365 have simulated racecourses with contests so real that it is almost impossible to know that the video-like displays are not feeds direct from the track.
Whether bets are placed on the Tote or with a bookmaker, trackside or off-course, the types of wagers accepted for Indian horse racing are more or less standardised.
All of the Tote bets that are made, no matter through which facility, become part of the same shared pool.

A good example of this was a Mercedes automobile recently offered by the RWITC on Indian Derby Day. If a horse withdraws prior to the race or there is a disqualification, it can greatly affect the outcome and the odds. For the time being, they do not want to run afoul of laws that may not strictly prohibit Internet gambling, but might be interpreted by the current government as declaring online betting illegal.
Likewise, to the best of our knowledge, there are no laws prohibiting individuals from placing horse racing bets with online bookmakers based abroad. If you can get the streams elsewhere, or don’t need to view the race online – no doubt this is betting site that offers Indians the most value. The good news is Bet365 offers Indian Rupee (INR) as one of their currency options, and also allows players to register an account with their Indian home address.
New races start every few minutes, making this a great way to test out betting strategies and hone one’s handicapping skills.
Although they’re based in the United Kingdom, everything is set up to have the same feel as if you wagering with a bookmaker based in India. When betting on a horse in this way, regardless of the rising or falling odds, the bettor is assured of receiving the odds for which the bet was booked. Leger Stakes and even the Japan Cup, there are literally thousands of opportunities for Indian residents to bet on their favourite sport via the web.
If you place a bet on an early line and the SP comes out larger, you’ll be paid the SP.

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