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Welcome to Vegas Week on Busted Coverage, where we celebrate blowing through money on gambling, booze and boobs.
We’ll have our Vegas resident expert, Trevor in Nevada, along to provide insider details on where you should be blowing your money on booze and gambling. The sportsbook is in the back of the casino, in its own gigantic world where horse racing fanatics can hide and March Madness fans won’t startle the old people playing keno.

PST rolls around on March 21 in Las Vegas, there will be thousands of men sitting in giant rooms flipping through betting sheets, sipping on Bloody Marys, nursing a hangover and preparing for 12 hours of college basketball from the confines of sportsbook. Second only to the Super Bowl, the first weekend of March Madness is still the biggest sporting event for Vegas and continues to grow larger. Planet Hollywood is selling a $3,399 package that includes: open premium bar, pool, foosball, and beer pong, front of the line betting and Miller Lite models!

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