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The number of online banks has been exploding in recent years, which does make choosing one increasingly more complicated. You may know American Express as a credit card company, but the financial organization also entered into the retail banking sector with the American Express online bank. In addition to offering daily interest compounding and zero fees to open or maintain its online savings account, the Discover online savings account makes the list at number two for also offering an excellent savings interest rate of .85% APY. Discover is known for its quick account transfers as well, making funding the account or transferring money much faster than many other online banks.
Barclays Bank is best known in the UK, but the bank has expanded its retail banking to include US products, such as the Barclays online savings. Barclays’ online savings account stands out for providing one of the best online savings account interest rates in 2014, and there is no minimum balance required to obtain it. An online bank that is less well-known, but also offers a quality online savings account with zero fees to open or maintain, is CIT Bank. In fact, we named Ally the best online bank of 2013 thanks to its focus on high yields, low fees and outstanding customer service. One of the few drawbacks to the account, according to customer reviews, is that the time it takes to transfer money can be lengthy.
GOBankingRates evaluated regular online savings account products from online-only banks, weighing interest rates, convenience, customer service and fees, to determine the five best options for depositors today.

GOBankingRates is a personal finance and consumer interest rate website owned by ConsumerTrack, Inc., an online marketing company serving top-tier banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations. I guess none are offering the deals of a few years ago where the bank gave $50 or $100 for opening an account and keeping it for at least a year.
Among its online products is the American Express high-yield savings account, which tops our list of the best online savings account available this year. While the bank does require a $500 minimum opening deposit, there is no minimum account balance required once the online savings account is opened and funded.
Discover doesn’t charge a fee to perform account transfers, so long as they are limited to six per statement cycle (the maximum allowed by law). In fact, Barclay’s online banking division is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, along with the US division of Barclaycard.
There are also no fees associated with the account, except for a $5 insufficient funds fee if withdrawals or transfers are performed with an insufficient balance in the account — extremely low by industry standards.
While the bank, like others on this list, does not charge opening or maintenance fees, it also provides free services such as wire transfers and account support. With an excellent savings interest rate and no account minimums or maintenance fees, the Ally bank savings account was designed to ensure customers grow their savings rather than lose them to bank charges.
However, most customers agree that the dedicated customer service team and account benefits more than make up for this.

This list shows that even online without people or paper waived due to the consumer we still come out short. I have Capital One right now (started out as an ING Direct customer) and am looking to open another online savings account with another bank. One other thing to note is that Barclays does not send statements via mail; they are available for viewing online only, which is a drawback to some customers.
The only fee CIT charges is $10 for outgoing wire transfers if the daily account balance is less than $25,000.
Please note that interest rates and account terms are subject to change at any time at the discretion of individual banks.
This is a big concern for me because I’m using these accounts to save up for a house, which may require a large withdrawal within days.

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