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Some of the best NASCAR drivers of all-time have a longer list of accomplishments than others but with a fan base of nearly 75 million fans, everyone is sure to have a good argument on why one racer is better than the next.
Tell is which famous NASCAR drivers you think are the best ever by adding your own list below!Many would make the argument that the great Dale Earnhardt Sr. His seven Sprint Cup Championships is rivaled by only one other driver, who can also bring a good case for the best NASCAR driver of all-time, Richard Petty.

Petty of course made his impact first, winning seven titled between 1964 and 1979, while Earnhardt dominated the next decade and a half with seven championships between 1980 and 1994.Others will flock to a current driver as the best NASCAR driver of all time on the argument that Jimmie Johnson, who reigned supreme in the 2000s with five championships, is the best ever and still has plenty of years left in his career to prove that. All of these NASCAR racers and many more listed below will be remembered as some of the best men and women to ever put on a fire suit and compete on the oval tracks. They might not be your typical athletes but considering NASCAR trails only professional football in viewers, they sure are doing something right.

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