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Baseball has long been associated with using stats to predict outcomes and player performances. Just to simplify things, we are going to use the old standbys: Earned Run Averages (ERA) and Batting Averages (BA) to compare the two Major League Baseball leagues.
Next, we tie the information about 2013 that we gathered earlier together with the working data model.

The prediction. The trend is that the NL has improved its pitching relative to the AL with the current crop of NL All-Stars and their performance-to-date as compared to their counterparts in the AL. This was made famous in the movie Moneyball, and has its own cottage industry around helping fantasy baseball players perform better. There are many different sources for baseball stats, many requiring a fee, but I will be referring to the Sean Lahman Baseball Stats Database. It is open source, so you can just download a version that works for you, and run with it.

There is no shortage of information that can be gathered about baseball, with the whole industry even having deemed the term: sabermetrics.

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